4 Best Weebly Alternative

There are plenty of website builders in the market Weebly is one of them. Each website builder is made for specific purposes. It might possible that the builder you are using is no longer meets your needs so you decide to change your website builder. Here we have some of the Weebly alternative that you might like for your new website.


4 Weebly Alternative

Here is the list of some top Weebly alternative that you can use to build your website.


01: Wix

Wix is a famous platform to create websites. They provide templates that are pretty easy to handle and you can make changes according to your requirements. It’s both easy and flexible. You can move items within the page and customize them as you want. It also provides animations that make your website alive to users. You will also find the app market in it which can be used to add third-party plugins to make your website more powerful and rich in features. It also comes with a Wix ADI that helps you to start your website for the very first time.

It’s totally free for the first month. If you connect a domain then it will cost you 5 dollars a month. It has more variations such as unlimited, business basic plans and VIP plans will cost you 18, 23, and 39 dollars per month respectively.

So if you are looking for more flexibility, third-party applications, auto backup, or need any help in personalization in your website then you should go for Wix.


02: Squarespace

It is the first choice of designers and creative persons. It provides design flexibility, simplicity, 24/7 support available for you at a reasonable price. You will also get some good features with a pre-made template. It is not for beginners so if you have not any experience before with website building then we do not recommend you.

It is specially made for creatives who can do many things with its amazing templates without being a web developer. Stats show that 94% of the time the design of a website determines its first impression. So it’s really important to have a website with good design aesthetics. It also comes with more features than Wix and Weebly so it makes Squarespace good than the other two.

You can have its premium version for 12-40 dollars a month. It also offers you to create online stores with 14 days of a free trial. So you can look around and do experiments before actually buying the plan.


03: GoDaddy

It has the only site builder which has AI. It also comes with the marketing tools that are required to get reach more people. If you are looking for a built-in booking system then this is the right website builder for you. Amazingly the price range is similar to Weebly so you won’t feel any burden on your pocket while switching from Weebly to GoDaddy.

However, if you are considering buying an e-commerce plan then it will cost you a bit more than Weebly. Also, it does not have as much customization as Weebly with a few applications. Moreover, if you want to use SEO tools then you can’t have it in the free plan you need to upgrade it.

The price is around 7 dollars a month but for eCommerce, it’s 25 dollars. You can get to the site within minutes with the help of AI along with the 24/7 support of GoDaddy.

So you know all the key points of GoDaddy. If you want a high-quality website builder in just a few minutes then we strongly recommend GoDaddy website builder. You can pick from a bunch of themes for your website. It’s most certainly the fasted way possible to build a website using AI. You also will have a lot of control over your website. If you want to build a lot of websites then this might be the best option for you.


04: WordPress

It’s the most commonly used Content Management System worldwide. Almost 2.8 Million websites have been made using WordPress to date. The most amazing thing about WordPress is it’s completely free. However, it also has paid hosting and accounts that you can use if you like to get more advanced features.

If you want to build a website for blogs, news, or magazines then it should be it. It’s an open-source CMS with a lot of customization options and flexibility. It’s quiet touch to understand for newbies so if you have just a little bit of experience with website building then it won’t be difficult for you to start. Once you get comfortable with it then you will get most of the benefit from free WordPress services and plugins.

It is specially made up for blogging and with all the tools you required for it you will get those right away in WordPress. You will find many plugins and third-party applications to integrate with your website in order to enhance the functionality. You will also get hundreds of themes for your website that you can choose from. As a website developer, you should know the importance of SEO in website growth so you will get free SEO tools that you can integrate with your website and get an idea about the growth of your business and other useful stats. You can also host your website on WordPress.

It’s pretty simple to customize your website on WordPress. You need a domain and hosting to run a website, luckily you can use WordPress hosting at a reasonable price. It also offers you security, easy integration, and system update to increase performance. So overall WordPress looks like a good option to switch.

You can use free WordPress as long as you want but if you want to enhance your business then you can buy its 3 dollar plan per month.



You have read all the Weebly alternative. Now all you need to do is to make a list of your requirements and match these with one of the above website builders. Each Weebly alternative has its own plus points. You need to pick one that fulfills your requirements and also has a reasonable price. Good Luck!

See you around.

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