6 Best Auction House Plugin

Do you want an auction house plugin for your website? Many people want to sell and buy unique products so if you already have a website and looking to add the auction plugin, then my friend you are at the right place. Following is the list of best plugins that you can use to create a website like eBay.


Best Auction House Plugin

Before you choose a plugin for you there are some points that you should consider. If you are looking for auction plugins for eCommerce then you can use WooCommerce extensions. However, if you want to use a simple auction house plugin then you can use the standalone auction house plugin.

Now, let’s move to the list of best auction house plugins:


01: YITH WooCommerce Auctions

This is a plugin for eCommerce-related websites. It allows you to create a website similar to eBay. You can easily use this plugin and add any kind of product for auction on your website.

You can set the price range of the bid along with the auction timing. If you already have an eCommerce store then you can add bidding by just installing this amazing plugin. You don’t have to add an extra payment method as you can use the one that is already integrated with your eCommerce store.

One of its amazing features is the option of the multi-vendor market for auction. You can also get your price share when a vendor sells its product. Other than bidding if you want to sell the product right now, you can do it by adding the ”Buy Now” button.


02: Auction Nudge

If you have a website and an eBay account then you can use Auction Nudge as a bridge between these two. You can use eBay resources for auction purposes. That’s how you can have all the auction control within your eBay account.

One of its amazing features is that you don’t have to do all the auction settings twice for your website. You can use all the eBay settings on your website by just connecting it through the plugin. You can have all the profile, listing, and feedback of your eBay account in a few clicks.

It also has a filtering system on the basis of keywords and categories. You can do many customizations according to your need. It is fully compatible with many international eBay websites so you will not face any issues while using this plugin. You would be surprised to know that this plugin is totally free as it is the partner of eBay itself.


03: Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin

This is the most recommended plugin for non-technical persons. It is an allrounder. You can set and reserve the price of bids, change the shipping fee and listing of users, depending on your plan. Payment is done through Paypal and you don’t have to reload the page after every time you made any change, thanks to the AJAX power. Its bulk feature will save you from moving bids one by one from another platform. You can move all the data with just one click using the bulk action button.

This plugin is quite easy to use at an affordable price. You can also have its free plan, the personal plan comes with 79 dollars while a business and developer account will cost you 119 dollars and 199 dollars respectively.


04: WP Auctions

It is a standalone plugin that you can use on any of your WordPress websites. Once you activate the plugin, you can start adding products of your choice. You can also sell your own products using the WP auctions plugin. It offers you bidding as well as sell options for the products.

One amazing feature of the WP Auction is that it will sell the unsold product to the closest bidding price or to the highest bidder. All the payment methods are already integrated into it so you don’t have to do any of that. You can also send RSS feeds to your users.

If you are concerned about the security of your website then don’t worry this plugin has an extra layer to avoid robot activities. You can get the plugin for a single website for 39 dollars and if you are interested in a subscription then it will cost you 89 dollars per year.


05: WP-Lister Lite for eBay

This is another plugin that you can use to connect your eCommerce store to your eBay account. If you are a WordPress user then fortunately this plugin has the capability to connect with WordPress too.

You can start the auction of your eBay product once you have done all the settings of the WP lister lite plugin. You can cross-check the products along with the price before making them public for auction. It supports the product variants. If you have your template in WordPress then you can also use them to display your products.

The cross-listing of products is the major highlight of this plugin. You can easily expand your reach for eBay by using this particular plugin. The cross-listing feature helps to show more organic impressions of your products that’s how the chances of conversion will drastically improve.

You can use it totally free for basic purposes. However, if you want to access its advanced features such as the WoCommerce product list with the help of a plugin then you have to buy its premium version for 149 dollars for a year.


06: WooCommerce Simple Auctions

This is the plugin for people who don’t want to go into technicalities and want an easy setup for their website. It offers you all kinds of customizations for each type of product. It’s unique and easy to use.

It is said to be the most deserving competitor for eBay as it has amazing features. You can also set this up in just 30 minutes with full customizations so if you are on a tight schedule then consider this plugin. This might save your day. It also comes with the custom theme ability so it won’t look odd on your website.

It allows you to add Buy Now button to your products. You can also set the price, ending, and starting time on each product separately. A customer can buy the product after entering their billing information, so if they won the auction, the product will automatically send to that particular customer.



You have to go through the list of the most promising auction house plugins. We hope that now you will be able to pick the best one for your website. Let us know which plugin is your favorite. See you in another amazing WordPress tutorial.

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