7 Domains of IT Infrastructure in WordPress

The most important part of any business, brand, or website is its Name which depicts who you are and what you do. When it comes to the website name our priority is to add the brand name and related keyword to the domain name of the website. The IT domain has many types and infrastructures and it’s a difficult task for a beginner to choose the name among the 7 domains of IT infrastructure.

7 domains of IT infrastructure

The IT industry of today is very big. It has different categories init. You may belong to any of the IT categories. When you are building a website for your IT company or a non-IT business then you need to decide the domain name of your website. We recommend you to get the same domain name as your business so it will be easy for your previous customers to find you online. In this way, you don’t have to start from zero to get customers on your website.

Business Keyword in the Domain Name

A domain name helps in the SEO of your website thus increasing your visitors and traffic as a result your business will grow. If you are a non-technical person then you might don’t know the importance of SEO in the website. You can rank first in the search results by doing an excellent SEO which means all of your success is pretty much in the hands of your SEO team. Each business has some keywords let’s say you are a phone company so your keyword may be your brand name or the word mobile itself so always try to add these keywords in your domain name.

If we take the example of our website then we are trying to create world-class content for the WordPress community so our domain name is ”WordPress vision” as you can see the keyword ”wordpress” in our website’s domain name. This step is non-reversible so be very careful while choosing the domain name of your brand.

Top-Level DomainĀ 

The next step in domain selection is to choose a top-level domain. It’s important to have an idea about the targeting audience of your business. If you are just targeting one specific country then you should have the country-specific domain. If you are an organization then you can take a domain with .org and if you are working worldwide then you can go with the .com domain.

There are 7 domains of IT infrastructure having different types of top-level domains. Recognize your business requirement then select the corresponding domain name for your website.

When you decide on a domain name then you can go to different domain selling websites and check the availability of your required domain name. If a person has a domain name then the other person can not have it. The only way to get an already sold domain name is to purchase back it from the buyer. The buyer can demand any price for the domain name. If you are low on budget then you can have a slightly changed domain name or you can try any other top-level domain. Well, it’s recommended to have a .com domain until you are sure to operate the business in one country.


We hope that you get an idea about the 7 domains of IT infrastructure and how you can choose the best domain name for your website. Still, if you have any issues then feel free to contact us.

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