Avada Landing Page: Avada Theme

Avada is a powerful website builder tool that you can find in wordpress. You can create an Avada landing page using the Avada theme. It is a complete package that a website needs. Avada is perfect for beginners as it allows you to create pages using the page builder. It also has the features of lead generation and conversation so it will ease your marketing process. You can literally create anything using this theme. It has many amazing features following in this post.

Avada is a theme that can be used for both websites and WooCommerce. Let’s see some of the features of Avada.

Avada Landing Page New Features

It is a website builder so you can make any kind of page using Avada. You can create a header, footer, forms, pages, and much more things. Avada 7.6 is the lasted version of Avada themes. It has the following new features:

01: Global Color Palette 

The new update includes a color palette. As you know you can build anything using the Avada landing page so you obviously need the same colors on the page as your brand or the theme of the website. So it gives a variety of colors to choose from. You can pick any color of your choice and start making pages or even complete a website that matches your brand color or brand theme.

02: New Workflow 

The workflow of themes is the main reason why people switch between themes. A theme that is difficult to work with will make things worse for the developers specially for newbies so Avada has made the process much simple and smoother so users can use it without any difficulty.

03: New Off-Canvas Builder 

As you know Avada is a website builder tool with a theme so you can build any website that you want using the Avada theme. It also has many templates that you can use to build the Avada landing page. It has a new off-canvas builder that will assist you to make any page on your website. If you run an e-commerce business and want a website that luckily you can use Avada to build your e-commerce website just as you want it.

04: Control of Image Aspect Ratio 

Each image has its aspect ratio. Sometimes it is required to change the aspect ratio to fit the image into the website so it will not look odd to the audience. The content and image should look one, as a part of the page. There should not be anything that gets all the attention of the reader so sometimes it is required to change the aspect ratio to give the page a better overall look. Avada considers this need and provides an option to change the aspect ratio of the images so you don’t have to use other software or online tools to change the aspect ratio and then again upload the image to the website. It will save you a lot of time that you can use to improve other areas of your website.

05: New Design 

The design of Avada is much improved as compared to its previous version. If you are already using it then you will notice the difference. The new design makes it more appealing for its users and eas the work of website developer so he can give attention to other parts of the website.

06: SVG Image Masks

Image masking becomes more advanced with the new update in the Avada theme. Now you can make the SVG images on your website and make it more stunning. Multimedia is an essential part of a website, masking will make it more fun for the users and it will increase the user experience by capturing the user’s attention towards the image. You can get benefit from this feature if you have more images than plain text on your website.

07: Global Typography Sets 

You must be familiar with the term that says ” Content is the King ”. So regardless of the fact that which website you are running using wordpress, your content should decide the fate of your business. And font style plays an important part that how the content will appear to the audience. The first glance when someone will open your website matters a lot so a wisely chosen font for your business would have a great impact while engaging the customers. The new update in Avada gives a wide range of fonts that you can choose to display your content. You can select any style that suits your business and expand your audience.

08: New Design Elements 

Avada is a website builder so it already has many elements that you can use to create pages of your website. It recently add some more amazing elements that you can try to your website. If you have already tried any of them then do let us know in the comment section how it improves the performance of your website.


The current price of the Avada is 60 dollars for 6 months of support. You will also get a top-quality service that is ensured by Envato. All future updates will also be given on time to make sure you will get the best out of the Avada. If you need any support during the first 6 months then ThemeFusion will provide you with all the support. You can get support for further 12 months for 18 dollars. If you also want extended 12 months support then Avada will cost you 78 dollars. It is not much for the Avada landing page as it gives you everything that you need to run a successful business website.


The price is valid for now, if you are reading this article months later then most probably the price will be changed so visit Avada to check the current price of the product.


Avada is a complete website builder with a lot of advanced features. If you want to build your website, or need something for marketing then Avada is the perfect choice for you. You will get all the things in one product that are necessary for a business website. So all you need to do is make a requirement list for your website and match this list with the Avada landing page features. Hopefully, you will get all the things so after that you can definitely go for Avada.

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