Best Country Themes for WordPress

Country themes are specially designed for sports clubs, golf courses, and country clubs. You can display the services that you are offering in your country theme and give a warm welcome to your users. WordPress has hundreds of themes related to a category so it becomes a hard choice to choose a theme for your website. However, you can select the top 5 themes then review each theme. This process will help you to decide the best theme for your business.

We have some of the top country themes for your website. You can check all of them in this article. Before going to the selection of themes let’s take a look at how to create a country club website to install the country theme.

Country Themes Website

You can create a country themes website for your golf course, county club as well as a sports club. The first step to creating a website is to select the domain name of your website. We recommend you to have a simple, short, and unique name for your brand and keep the keyword of your service in the domain name. This will help your brand to rank better in the search results.

Secondly, you need hosting for your website. You can choose any good hosting company which provides fast speed, sufficient storage, security at reasonable prices. You can also use as it gives you hosting so you can easily run your website without issues.

Best Country Themes 

WordPress offers you a variety of themes on the ThemeForest website. You can also get themes in the dashboard of your WordPress website. Go to appearance then select themes. Click on the ”Add” button and you can see a lot of themes options. Select the theme that suits your country theme and preview it to get a better idea how what it will look like on your website.

Theme Qualities 

Keep some points in mind whenever you select a theme for any kind of website. The theme must be lightweight. It must have a good loading speed. Always check the loading page speed against your theme to get better SEO results. The page speed is 90 plus as recommended for ranking.

Theme Customization

Once you select the theme then install it and activate it. You can do a lot of customizations in the theme such as font size, color, heading style, footer, header, add and remove widgets, add pages and posts. Mostly county themes have all the features that a regular country website may need but still, if you feel something is missing then you can always look for the plugin. A plugin is a piece of code that gives your website a specific functionality.

There are many country themes such as OceanWP, Astra, Divi, Altra, Wellness Pro, Eclipse, Milos, and Landings that are recommended for your website. These are secure, light, fast, and up to date. You can also install any other theme that you like best for your brand. You can also go for a paid theme if you have enough budget. Paid themes will give you a lot of freedom to make changes in the theme so it can mere well with your brand. A good theme helps your business to grow so select a great theme for your brand.

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