Best Custom Tip Jars Plugins in WordPress

Tip jars is a way of getting some donation or tips from your customers in return for your services. It helps a business to maintain their expenses especially when they are offering free services to their customers. Custom tip jars work in the same manner as real tip jars. You can add tip jars to your website and raise a handsome amount of money to give better service to your customers. Let’s see how to add custom tip jars in WordPress.

Custom Tip Jars

Getting tips from the users is a great way to collect some money for many content writers and nonprofit organizations. As they offer free services, and many people want to help these organization so adding custom tip jars will be helpful for people who wants to support such activities. It’s a way of appreciating the work of others and encouraging them to do better and more.

Tip Jar Display 

You can display tip jars in the sidebar of your website as a form. So, they will be visible to your customers and try to keep everything simple so more people will donate.

Reasons to Use Custom Tip Jars

You can use tip jars to get funding for your work or service. As a teacher, if you teach online for free then you can ask for some money to bear the teaching expense from the students who can afford to offer some help as a thank you for your services.

If you are a software company and you offer free software, then you can raise some money for your future project from the people who wants to help you financially. So, they can get benefits from your software in the future. Or you can just use it as another source of income on your blog.

Custom Tip Jars Plugins

There are many custom tip jars plugins in the marketplace of WordPress. However, you need to use the one that meets your requirements as each plugin offers different functionalities. So here are some plugins for you. You can choose one that suits your website and needs.

01: Tip Jar WP Plugin

Tip jar has all the functions that you might need getting tips from your customers and the great thing about this plugin is that it offers a premium function for free.

The donation process must be simple and easy, so users won’t hesitate to donate a little amount of money. Tip jar WP is designed to keep everything short and easy. You can have a default jar that you can use in your footer or sidebar to get the attention of your users.

It also has the option of getting recurring payments from your regular customers on a monthly or weekly basis. Again, it keeps the process simple, so it reduces the chances of not getting tips if someone forgets to donate you for any reason.

How it Works 

User can use their credit cards to pay or use different payment options including Microsoft pay, or Apple pay.


The plugin itself is free but they will charge 1% of each of your payments.

02: Cryptocurrency Donation Box Plugin

As you know about the new wave of cryptocurrency among the young generation. Many people hold cryptocurrency, and they are willing to donate it to you so why not accept payment in the form of cryptocurrency on your website. This cryptocurrency donation box will help you to accept payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and so many more. It has 200 coins listed in it that people can donate to your website.

How it Works 

People can scan the QR code to your website or they can enter their wallet address to donate the coins to your website.


It’s totally free of cost.

03: PayPal Donate Plugin

You can also install the Paypal donation plugin to your WordPress website to get payments through Paypal. We have written a complete article on how to install ”How to Add Paypal donate in WordPress”.

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