Best Free Website Builder Reddit

Creating a website similar to Reddit is an easy task. There are many website builders that you can use for this purpose. However, the best free website builder Reddit is WordPress. Let me walk you through the process of creating a website using the WordPress content management system.


Steps to Create a Reddit Like Website

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to create the best free website builder Reddit using WordPress.


01: Purchase Domain Name

The very thing that you going to need to create a website like Reddit is a domain name. It is the name of your website. It’s something that people search on search engine to find your website so it should be short, easy to remember, and attractive. If your domain name is catchy them people will remember it and your audience will grow over time. It will help you in SEO. However, if you choose a long and irrelevant name for your website then it will not be a good thing for you. One thing you should remember is that once you create your website on a domain name you can’t change it so be very very careful while choosing a domain name.

You can buy domain names on many websites like NameCheap, GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.


02: Purchase Hosting

The second most important thing that you should consider after the domain name is your hosting. It’s like the storage place where your website is hosted. So it should be of high quality. Do not buy cheap hosting to save some money. Go and buy a good plan because if your website takes a lot of time to load, or it goes down often then it will create a bad impression on the users as well as on search engine regarding the SEO. Hence you should have a good hosting plan.

Also if you are not using the domain and hosting from the same company then you should consider doing some changes in your hosting. If you are using another hosting then just point the nameservers of your domain to the new hosting servers.


03: Install WordPress

Once you have the hosting and domain name now it’s time to install the WordPress. Login to your hosting account and install WordPress. Before doing that make sure you have SSL Certificate because search engines considers it wrong not to have an SSL certificate. Add your domain name to the cPanel of your hosting.

During the installation of WordPress make sure to have a strong username and password. Also, add SSL with your domain name. After filling in all the files press the install button. It will take 3-5 minutes to install and once it’s done you can login into your WordPress website.


04: Install Reddit like Theme

Login to the WordPress and the very first thing you see is the backend of your website. The left side is called the dashboard of WordPress and all the options you can find here. By default, WordPress has its default theme. You can change it.

Go to the Appearance section and there you will see the theme and on the above, there is a button named ”Add”. You can use this button to add any theme of your choice to WordPress and use it. You can use any theme that you think is look-alike Reddit but we recommend you to use is UpVote theme. This theme has all the features that Reddit has so it becomes pretty easy to set up a Reddit-like website just by installing a theme.  All you need to do is install and activate the UpVote theme and you will get the best free website builder Reddit.


05: Configure the Theme

Once you have installed the theme the next step is to configure the theme settings. Change the theme according to your requirements. Set up the color of the website. Add or remove content or you can edit it also. Visit the setting section and configure the settings as per requirement.

You can also change the header, footer, menu, pages, and blog sections of the theme. After making all the changes hit the save button and it will save all the changes. You can also preview the changes before publishing them.


06: Install some Additional Plugins

The theme alone is not good enough in WordPress. You see this is the beauty of WordPress that you can add features in the form of plugins. WordPress provides you thousands of plugins for free that you can use to enhance the performance of your website and it helps you to grow. So here are some must to have plugins for your new website:


01: WPForms

You can add sign-up and registration forms using this plugin. This is user-friendly and easy to start if you are a beginner.


02: Yoast SEO

SEO is the most important part of a website. This plugin will help you to write articles with better SEO as it shows you the good and bad points in your writing so that you can improve them.


03: Site Kit

You can keep track of your traffic using this plugin. It shows you the number of users visiting your website. Source of users and type of search. No clicks and all the useful stats that are necessary to plan the marketing for your website. So it’s good to have the stats right in your WordPress dashboard.


04: AdSanity

This is for showing ads on your website. You can show banner ads at any place you want on the website.


05: Sucuri

Security is most important when you use WordPress. So this plugin will save you from many unpleasant events.


06: Updraft Plus

It’s considered safe to have a backup of your website. If you want to upgrade your website or want to move from one domain to another then it is recommended to have a backup of your current website. This plugin will help you to have a backup that you can use at any time.


07: WP Rocket

Website speed matters a lot. Many users do not want to wait more than 5 seconds to load a website. They just simply leave the site that takes time to load. So it’s better to have a website that loads fast. Wp Rocket will make your website faster thus you will give a better user experience to your customers.

This is it, these are some plugins that will help your business to grow. Use them on your new website.


07: Start Marketing for your Website

Once you are done with the website making now it’s time to spread the news about your new website. Write, publish and share posts. Invite people to your platform and start changing the world.



So, you have read all the 7 easy steps that you can take to create the best free website builder Reddit using WordPress. It’s pretty simple. Isn’t it?  If you have any confusion then you can contact us at any time. See you in another WordPress article.

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