5 Best Leadpages WordPress Alternatives

Leadpages are a very essential part of any website whether it is a blog or a business website. Leading pages are also known as Leadpages WordPress are required to be optimized so search engines can load them instantly. The faster Leadpage loads the better the user experience will be so it is super important to smartly pick software for your Leadpages in WordPress. We have some Leadpages alternatives for you that you can use for your landing page.


Why Leadpages WordPress

The reason we choose land page builders for creating Leadpages is that it is an efficient way to generate more leads as you get a chance to collect user email and that is how you can contact him afterward. Once you get the email then you can send special discounts and promotional messages to your users and generate more sales.


5 Best Leadpages WordPress Alternatives

Here is the list of the top 5 best Leadpages WordPress alternatives that you can use to create your landing pages for the website.


01: Unbounce

It’s an online tool that marketers used mostly to build Leadpages for their businesses. It is user-friendly and designed for beginners, you can easily manage your work using this simple and fast online platform. You will be able to optimize your web pages using the Unbounce tool.

It provides 4 plans for its users. If you have a small business with less budget then you can go for a launch plan which costs only 80 dollars a month.  You will be able to run one domain with 20 thousand visitors having up to 500 conversations. However, if you have a medium-size business with 3 domains with 30 thousand visitors having up to 1000 conversations then you can choose the ”Optimize” plan. It comes with 120 dollars a month. If you have 7 domains and the visitors are around 40 thousand then you can choose the ”Accelerate” plan and the last plan is for enterprise or for large-scale businesses that cost you 300 dollars a month. You will get 15 domains with 50 thousand monthly visitor capacity having 3000 conversations. So choose a plan according to your needs and budget.


02: SeedProd

If you are a WordPress developer then the best option you can get in terms of Leadpages is seedprod. Its drag and drop functionality makes the process of creating landing pages super easy for a beginner. You don’t have to worry about writing tough lines of code or hiring someone for this purpose. All of your work can be done by seedprod in an excellent way.

Seedprod provides you with different templates that you can use for your landing page. It also includes special discounts, coming soon, sales, login/ logout, thank you, and webinar pages for users. Any person who knows exactly what he wants can create almost everything with these prebuild templates.

Other than static content, it also gives call-to-action buttons and a smart selection facility to the user so you can create an amazing page within minutes.

It also has some extra features that make the user experience super cool. For example, you will get a protection tool that you can use to filter out junk data that you don’t require; a management system for subscribers, and a mobile-friendly tool. You don’t have to do its optimization for mobile as seedprod provides it for you.


03: OptimizePress

This platform is an all-rounder, if you are looking for a full package that will help you to maintain all of your WordPress pages then you can choose Optimizepress. It helps you to create landing pages, training pages, member portals, and a launch funnel. Name any page in WordPress and this tool will help you to create it very efficiently.

You will get a lot of templates for your website that you can modify according to the business theme. It includes videos, audio, progress bars, timers, comments, checkboxes, and toggles; all the options that a website can have are present in Optimizepress.

One amazing feature of the Optimizepress is its real-time editor. You don’t have to refresh the page each time you made any changes so it becomes super fast to work on this editor. It is also mobile-friendly and responsive.

It comes with three price plans. The smallest price that you can pay is 97 dollars for the core version. 197 dollars for publisher and pro versions. You can visit its pricing page for detailed information. Once you get all the details then decide what plan is best for you.


04: Instapage

This Leadpages WordPress builder is no different than the others. It offers different templates that you can use to build landing pages and it’s also easy to use, fast, optimized, and efficient. However, it has a distinct feature called ”AdMap”. This helps you to visualize your ad mapping with your landing pages and you can check the efficiency of your ad campaigns and modify them accordingly. The ability to keep track of ads helps you to make effective campaigns and that’s how you can perform better than others and grow your business at a faster pace.

The platform also allows you to mention other team members on the landing page so you can easily collaborate with the team and work smartly as a whole.

This amazing software will cost you 149 dollars a month with limited pages, unique users, and a total number of users. You can try this as well.


05: Thrive Architect

This is a feature-rich platform to build Leadpages in WordPress. It allows you to have different themes, buttons, icons, images, and much other stuff on your landing page. To attract customer attraction you can create tempting landing pages with the help of thrive architect.

It’s a very affordable tool to use for your business and easy to use. Any person can use it without any difficulty. It has a drag and drops function that will help users to create pages from scratch. You can use these pages like a home page, sales page, webinar page, apparently, you can create any type of page using drag and drop in Thrive Architect.



Leadpages WordPress is important when it comes to lead generation so we presented some of the good Leadpages tools for you now it’s up to you to decide which one suits you best according to your requirement and price bracket. You can choose any of the above-mentioned Leadpages platforms. Let us know which in the comment section, one you choose and why.

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