BirchPress Scheduler : WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

BirchPress scheduler is an appointment booking plugin for WordPress. It’s a premium quality plugin that allows you to make online appointments. If you want to know the details of the BirchPress Scheduler then stick with us.

BirchPress Scheduler Features

It has the following key features:

01: Online Appointment Booking

BirchPress allows your visitors to book online appointees through a form. The appointment booking form can be placed in a post or in a separate page using the shortcode. They can paste the shortcode at any place in the post or page and you will have the form exactly where you placed the code. You can also preview the page before publishing it. That’s how you will get an idea how the form will look like when it gets live on the website. Visitors can check the availability of time and then book the appointment accordingly.

02: Synchronization Calendar

It’s a digital age and everyone has access to smartphones. Each smartphone operating system has a built-in calendar that can perfectly work with the BirchPress plugin. It is comparable with your phone’s calendar so you can import your appointments at any time. It gives the ability to synchronize BirchPress with your calendar. You can also export your calendar data and set the availability timing automatically.

03: Reminders

BirchPress gives you reminders for upcoming appointments so that you won’t miss them just in case. There are many occasions when people get busy with their work and they can’t remember the time of day for the appointment so this feature reminds them about the meeting and reduces the chances of missing an appointment or reaching late. You can also set an alarm and time to remind you about the appointment. Just say you want a daily reminder or a weekly reminder or a reminder an hour before the appointment. You can customize it as you want it to. It is so easy to set reminders.

04: Email Notifications

You get notifications about the confirmation of your appointment booking, cancelation of an appointment, or if it is rescheduled. That means if there is any change of plan you will get notified by the BirchPress so you can make your plans according to the changes. There are many cases when you probably need to change the appointment time, or sometimes you just don’t need the appointment anymore so you just cancel it or the other party is busy or for any reason they cancel or reschedule it then you will get the latest information through the email notification system in the plugin. Once you read the notification then you can delete that email. To get the email notifications all you need to do is to configure the email notification system in the wordpress BirchPress scheduler plugin.

05: Booking Form Customization

As you already know you can embed the appointment booking form using the shortcode anywhere in your post or pages. BirchPress gives you pre-build forms that you can use on your website. You don’t need to build forms from scratch and don’t have to think about the basic information that you probably need when booking an online appointment. You can select a suitable form from the available pre-built forms. Not only you can select the form but also you can choose the field that you want to have in your appointment booking form. You can totally customize the BirchPress form.

06: Online Payment Gateways

If you are using a website for e-commerce services then you need to integrate the payment gateways to your website to accept payment from your customers. Fortunately, BirchPress allows you to add different types of payment methods to your website. For example, you can add Paypal to your website and it will allows you to get payment via Credit card or Paypal account. Same as Paypal you can add other payment gateways that suit you best or that are more common in your region. If you decided to use BirchPress scheduler then getting payment will not be an issue for you.

07: User Friendly 

Developer can create their desired appointment booking forms using BirchPress. As it is so easy to use and it is deliberately made easy for coders to code init without altering the code of the plugin. Developers can easily create their custom forms using the different functions, filters, hooks, and actions. All the previous options are coding-free so all you need is a little bit of idea of how things work and you can easily create your custom appointment booking form using the BirchPress plugin.

BirchPress Scheduler Pricing

It offers three price plans for its customers:

01: Personal Plan 

A personal plan will provide you with all the free features. You can also set the advance appointment using the personal plan. You can also disable the appointment booking during holidays. It gives automated notifications to staff and customers along with reminder emails. Once you buy this you will get an update for one year. You can also seek supports during that one year. All the above facilities will cost you only 99 dollars.

02: Business Plan 

A business plan is the next version of a personal plan so it is obvious that you will get all the personal plan’s features in this plan also. Other than that you will get the ability to reschedule an appointment or even you can cancel at any time. You can also assign the task to members of staff automatically. You can export customers list, do group booking, integrate any payment gateway, use shortcodes to embed the calendar in your website, synchronization of calender, set the time for booking, set a time limit of appointment and once the appointment is confirmed it will redirect the customer to another page.

If a customer is already registered then the next appointment can be booked by using only his email and password. You can differentiate the staff task by using the different colors. It also provides the integration of wordpress users and exports the list of customers. The price of a business plan is 199 dollars.

03: Business Plus Plan 

The finally the last and most premium BirchPress plan is called the business plus plan. You will get all the business plan features here. Along with that, you will get some premium features that are WooCommerce integration for eCommerce purposes and you can have control over all the staff member’s activities. The cost of the business plus plan is 249 dollars.


BirchPress is an online appointment booking plugin for wordpress. It has a variety of features that are very helpful for booking an online appointment. If you are looking for a plugin then you can check all the requirements that you need and choose a pricing plan according to the budget. You can definitely take BirchPress Scheduler into consideration for online appointment booking.

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