Bluehost Clear Cache

Cleaning cache can solve many problems. For example, working on WordPress sometimes requires you to clear cache to see the changes you made to your website. In this post, you will learn different methods of doing Bluehost clear cache. Let get started.


Bluehost Clear Cache

The first thing you need to do is log into your hosting account. Browse to my sites. Locate the Manage site button and click on it. Then go to the performance section and turn off the caching option. Congratulations, you have successfully done the Bluehost clear cache.


You can also manage your cache on Bluehost. It offers you three options.

  • Clear cache
  • Turn all off
  • Turn all on

You can choose any option for your website. For example, the clear cache will clear all the stored caches. The other two options will turn on and off the cache stored on your website. So you can take control in your hands by just choosing the right option for you.

However, you can also do this by using the plugin. For example, the WP Rocket plugin will help you to manage the cache of your website.

You can also clear cache from your WordPress dashboard. Bluehost automatically install cache on your website that you can see on the top bar of your WordPress backend. It says ”Caching” and when you hover your mouse on it, you will see two options. Select the ”Purge Cache” option, and all your cache will be cleared immediately.

There is another way of getting this feature. Go to the plugin section and then to Must use. You will see ”Purge Cache” there below the Endurance Page cache section. Select it, and it will do the work for you.


DNS Clear Cache

Bad DNS entry can cause you severe problems, so you immediately need to clean. You can clear the DNS cache by following these simple steps.

If you are using windows, then click on the start button and hit Run. After that, type cmd in there and click on the OK button. You will see something like this

C: Username >

type here the following command:

ipconfig /flushdns

after that, hit enter, and you will see the successes message saying:

“Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.”

After that, exit the command prompt. That’s it. All your DNS caches are clear.

If you are a Mac user, then follow these instructions:

First, select the finder and click on Macintosh HD. After that, select the applications option. Find utilities in there and open the terminal by double-clicking on it. For clearing the cache in mac, enter the following code in the terminal:

dscacheutil -flushcache

That’s it. Once you enter this command, all your DNS cache will be clear.

Lastly, if you are a Linux user, then do the following to clear your DNS cache. You probably know that nscd handles the DNS in Linux, so you need to restart the nscd to clear the DNS cache. You can use the following command for this purpose:

/etc/init.d/nscd restart

So these are the methods to clear the DNS cache on different operating systems.


WordPress Clear Cache

You can clear cache in WordPress using different plugins. Following are some famous plugins that most people use for clearing cache in WordPress. Let’s take a look at all of them one by one.

01: WP Super Cache

You will get many advanced features in this plugin like automatically clearing cache, scheduling cache, etc. First, you need to install this plugin. Go to the plugin section in the WordPress dashboard. Click on add new and search the name of the plugin. After you search it, then click on install plugin. Once it’s installed, then it activates the plugin.

Once you activate it, then delete the cache from the settings section. So that’s how you delete the cache using the plugin.


02: W3 Total Cache

You know the process of installing and activating the WordPress plugin. Once you do all this, then go to the performance section and hover over the dashboard. Select the empty all cache tab, and it will delete all the cache for you in just a few seconds.


03: WP Rocket

The process of installing and activating the plugin is the same as in the previous plugin. The only difference is that you will clear the cache from a drop-down menu in the WP Rocket section in the dashboard.


04: WP Fastest Cache

This plugin is for you if you are a beginner. Once you activate this plugin, then go to the toolbar and select the delete cache tab. Hit the Delete Cache button in there, and this will delete all the cache for you.

It will automatically delete all the files after you publish a post, page, or comment.


SiteGround Clear Cache

Just like Bluehost, SiteGround is another hosting provider for WordPress. To clear the cache in SiteGround, you need to log in to your hosting account. You can also clear cache from your WordPress admin area, don’t worry; we will demonstrate both methods. You can choose anyone you want.

First, start with the SiteGround hosting. Login to the hosting account and select the speed. From there, go to the tool section. You will see a caching page there. Select the dynamic cache tab. Next, find your domain name and click on the menu icon. Once you do it, then click the flush cache button. It will clear your SiteGround cache.

The second method is by using the WordPress dashboard. Login to your WordPress account and install the SG Optimizer plugin from the plugins section. After installing the plugin, activate it, and you will see an extra option on the WordPress toolbar named ”Purge SG Cache”. Click on this button, and all the cache will be wiped out from the hosting.



We have discussed all the Bluehost clear cache methods, including the DNS clear cache, WordPress with and without plugins, and SiteGround. We recommend you go through all the procedures and try each one by one. We hope that it will solve the issue. If you don’t find a solution after trying all the above methods, then contact us. We will help you out.

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