Daily Dish Pro Themes by StudioPress

Daily Dish Pro is a theme specially designed for Food blogging. This amazing theme is presented by StudioPress and their main objective is to make your blog an appetizer as your food. So when you look at it, you will get the feel of eating at a five-star restaurant.

The team of daily dish pro is focused on creating a theme for restaurants and food bloggers so they make the layout and design according to the food esthetics and so use will enjoy just looking at the pictures of his favorite food. This shows the necessary content on the home page with an image of your favorite food, title, and a little bit of discretion.

Daily Dish Pro

The theme is designed for beginners so you can easily edit it or customize it with Gutenberg. Most of your work will be done by the editor. So you have to make less effort to create your favorite food blog. It is not just a theme for food lovers but it has all the features of a magazine theme and you can create a full-fledge magazine using this theme as it is so featured rich.

Features of Daily Dish Pro

Daily dish pro provides you with many theme options and you can use them to create a stunning website in just a few minutes. You can also customize your website as you like it. There are indeed plenty of options to choose from until you get what you want from your theme.

1: Customizable Header

The good thing about the theme is it gives you the opportunity to make changes to the header. You can upload the logo of your business and add text to it. All these things can be done with just one click. For better results, the dimension of your logo must be 800*40 so it will look good on mobile devices.

2: Adjustable Font

You can set the color, font style, and size according to your requirements. To get a better idea of things WordPress provides you with a preview mode that you can choose to see the change before actually publishing it on your website.

3: Variety of Widgets

Like other themes, it also has space for widgets that you can use to show your favorite widgets. The one thing that many themes don’t focus is on optimization. You probably have seen themes with slow speed and responsive issues. Luckily you won’t face such a problem with this theme, it is fully mobile responsive and mobile-friendly. You can check its speed from any speed testing website such as page speed test.

4: 6 Different Layouts

This theme comes with 6 different layouts. You can choose either the right layout or left layout or a single-column page. There are plenty of options for it. Its landing page is usually empty that is a good option for ad-words as you can run ads here and earn money from it.

5: Inbuild Breadcrumbs

The theme comes with pre-build breadcrumbs that are very handy in SEO and facilitate the user. It helps to enhance the user scrolling experience on your website. The more you facilitate a user to navigate into the website the more time he spends on the website thus you will get a higher ranking. This factor plays a major role in website SEO so it is recommended to choose a theme with breadcrumbs or if you don’t have one then add them afterward.

6: Minimalistic Desing

The theme is designed to be focused on the images so it has a minimalistic design so photos will get all your attention. This type of theme is best suited for food websites and magazines, as we want all the focus on the item that we are offering through the pictures and videos.

7: Ease to Use

The theme is built upon the Genesis framework so it is light weighted, super-fast, well coded, and easy to use. It is totally user-friendly. If you are a beginner you won’t feel any difficulty using this theme.

8: Advance HTML5 Language

The coding language that is used for this theme is HTML5. You will be glad to hear that this language is preferred by most of the search engines as it is easier to read the content written in this language. Audio and video can easily be integrated into this language so it helps search engines to understand the content in a better way. It is recommended to choose a theme that is up to date and uses the latest programming approaches.

9: eCommerce

One bonus that comes with this theme is that you can also set your e-commerce store using this theme. You don’t have to buy a separate theme for your online store. You will get the dual functionality using this single amazing theme.

10: Documentation

Many people struggle with the theme installation and customization process so daily dish pro solves the problem by providing a detailed tutorial for their users. They have provided different demos to set up the theme which makes the process really smooth and time-saving.

The one good thing about this theme is that you can use it on as many websites as you want. There is no API required so you don’t have the restriction to use it on a single website, unlike many other themes.

11: Support

The support team of daily dish pro is very responsive and helpful. You can get support from the team via email at any time. They provide a great service to their customer with amazingly fast speed. So you don’t have to worry about getting stuck at anything because the team will solve the issue for you.

If you want to access all the feature themes of StudioPress then you can invest on time in StudioProPlus and will have all the feature updates and unlimited lifetime support.


Daily dish pro is fast, mobile responsive has plenty of customization options and different layouts to choose from. So if you are looking for a theme to show a number of images and focus on the content then we recommend you to consider daily dish pro for it. You won’t get disappointed form this choice.

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