How to Add AWS CloudSearch in WordPress

You can improve the search result of your website using AWS CloudSearch. We know that WordPress has its own search mechanism but it’s not that efficient so people try to use different methods to improve the results. Some have tried the plugin to get better results in search engines but it was not that successful. But don’t worry we have a solution to this problem. We will guide you on how you can add the AWS CloudSearch plugin to your website to get a better search appearance for your website.

AWS CloudSearch in WordPress

AWS is a cloud search space where you can get the power of Amazon Cloud to empower the content of your website to perform better in searches. You can do this by installing the CloudSearch plugin. It has many features, some of them are stated below:

  1. It has the ability to search through your content including images, multimedia, files, and all of your uploaded media on the website.
  2. WordPress has a default search box which can be replaced by the CloudSearch plugin search.
  3. You can also create customize search template according to your theme.
  4. It is easy to integrate into your website.
  5. Amazon cloud search has all of your data indexed which helps in better search results against your website.

How to Install AWS CloudSearch Plugin

First of all, you need to install the CloudSearch plugin. You can search it in the WordPress dashboard by going into the plugin sections or you can directly download it from the WordPress website. Once you install the plugin then you need to activate it and follow the setup instructions. You need to add some information during this process and enter login credentials.

You need to get the security key from your account. Copy this key and paste it into the configuration field of the plugin.

Now you have successfully integrated the account in WordPress but to get data from the amazon cloud you need to enter your domain. List that domain on amazon cloud so it can index and retrieve the data against a search query. Once you set up the domain then you can go towards the other settings.

Search Setting Configuration 

The content on your website is synced with the cloud so it can index it. You can change the synchronization interval depending on your requirements. For example, if you are a news website then you need to make this interval very small. On the other hand, if you are a business of rarely change the content or upload new content then you can adjust the interval accordingly.

You can check the indexing of your content in this area. It has different flags for your content. Green means everything is fine while red means there is some problem. You can also see the details or errors in the message log. These logs will help you to identify the problem so you can solve it.


You can drastically improve the performance of your website by using the AWS CloudSearch plugin. Users will get more relevant search results when you index their content on the Amazon cloud.

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