How to Add Click-To-Call Button Phone in WordPress

Click to call button phone is used by the visitor to call the business with just one click. Many users visit the website and they are looking for the phone number of the business to connect with them to get information. So a click to call button can help them to connect in a few seconds. Let’s see how you can add click to call button to your website.

Why Click to Call Button Phone

Click to call button to make a smooth connection between user and business. Imagine you are looking for some services and you need to call the business support and ask some questions. Firstly you need to open the website and you will look for the website number. It can be in the footer or they might have a separate page with content details. So it’s a hectic process and if you feel difficulty in getting the number then you might leave the website. This is the main reason that many users don’t become clients of the business.

Now imagine visiting the same website having a click-to-call button phone. So you see the call button in the front of the website. All you need to do is to click the call button and it will connect you with the customer care service of the business. You see how easy it is for the visitor to connect with the business. The more users will engage in the business the more money it will make.

How to Add Click to Call Button Phone

You can add click to call button in wordpress using the WP Call Button. The button can be added in the sidebar, in the editor or even you can add a floating button.

Call Button on All Pages 

Install and activate the WP Call Button plugin then go to setting and configure the installed plugin. There you will see the floating call button option for your website. This is the most used function which provides a high conversion rate on your website.

The first step is to enter your business number in the plugin. Once you add the number now you need to select the color, position, and text of the button. If you go by the default settings then it will add the button on all pages but if you want to show it on a particular page then you can change it in the settings or you can even choose to show the button only on mobile phones.

Once you have made all the changes then make sure to save it so you can see the changes in the published website.

Call Button in Post or Pages  

You can also add click to call button on a particular page or post on your websites such as a contact use page or about page.

Go to your page where you want to add the button then click on the “+” icon. It will add the click to call button. You can change the font, color, style, size, text, etc of the button.

That’s it you have successfully added the click to call button phone to your website. Now you can get more customers and grow your business exponentially.

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