How to Add Click Track Generator in WordPress

If you are looking to add a link or button click track generator to your website then you are in the right place.

It’s important to track the audience engagement on your website to know better your users. You can understand what’s interesting to user users and you can pay more attention to that part. It also helps you to identify the weakness of your website. So let’s see how you can track the user activity on your website.

Importance of Click Tracking

When you have a website then it’s important to understand how users interact with your website. You can record the user activity and see what users do on your website. Which links are getting more clicks or what content is being read more times, which is your popular product etc?

One most important aspects of the click track generator are that it will detect the weak area of your business. It will highlight what is not working on your website or business or which of your product is not doing well, what services need improvements in your business. All these things can be tracked by the generation button and link click reports. Once you identify these weaknesses in your website then you can work to eliminate them and your business will get a booster.

These reports can also help you to access your target. For example, you are aiming to sell 1000 products a month. Then you can filter the most selling products and work on them in the future instead of other low selling products. That’s how you can prioritize your work and revise your business strategy to grow faster and bigger.

Click Track Generator using MonsterInsights

Monsterinsights is the best marketing tool that you can also use to monitor the user activity on your website.

It provides you with all the important insights of your website such as event tracking to all buttons, links, shopping carts, articles, products, or different services. You can get all these reports to your WordPress dashboard.

Firstly you need to install and then activate the plugin. Once you activate it then go to Insights-> Settings and enter here your license key to get started and fill up all the information.

Now launch the setup wizard by clicking on the button.

Monsterinsights is free but if you want professional functionality then you have to buy it. It will get all the analytics related to your website from the browser.

Now your website is generating the user activity reports that you can analyze to get more users and business.

You can also use MonsterInsights to track the affiliate links on your website. Many people use affiliate marketing as an earning source. They sell the products of different companies and take their share whenever a product gets sold. So the purpose here is to sell more and more products to get a maximum commission.

The process of selling more can become very efficient if somehow the sellers know the behavior of its users. What are customers’ interests and which product is getting more likes, reading, and clicks? If the owner knows which affiliate product link is getting more user attention then he can put more effort into selling that one particular product and earn more.

Click track generator is a great tool to expand your business and grow exponentially. We strongly recommend you to use it on your website.

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