How to Add Free Horizontal Rule in WordPress

A post or article can be very long sometimes so readers can get bored or even leave the website. A way to get the user’s attention is to divide the post into parts so it helps the reader in absorbing the information. The separate section can also be used as a highlighter in your post. You can also use it to advertise your content or some product. Let’s see the process to Add Free Horizontal Rule to the WordPress website.

How to Add Free Horizontal Rule

There are different ways to Add a Free Horizontal Rule in the post or page of a WordPress website.

Classic Editor 

You can also add the horizontal line using the classic editor. Find the toggle icon in the right corner of the editor toolbar. Click on this and you will see an option of the horizontal line. You can add this line anywhere by clicking on the add line button.

Block Editor 

You can add the Add a Free Horizontal Rule in a block while writing a post. Select the area where you want to put the line. Click on the Add button to create a new block. The second step is to search for the separator block in the layout section. Add that separator and it will create a line to highlight your content in the post.

You can customize your line. At first, it will be a light grey line in the middle of the page. You can change its color, style, and width.


Forms are an important aspect of a business website in WordPress so if you want a line in your form then you can use the WPForm plugin to do this for you. Search for the WPForm plugin in the plugin section of the WordPress dashboard. Add, install and activate this plugin.

Once you install the plugin you will see the WPFrom option in the dashboard menu. Go to WPForm and select the Add option. As a way to add the line in a form so you have to specify which form you are targeting to add the Add a Free Horizontal Rule. Name the form and add the line by dragging the page break line.  It will split the form into two parts. You can also create a new form and add the separator into that form then add it to the website.

Add a Free Horizontal Rule by using Blocks 

You can also use the page break block to add breaks into your WordPress posts. It will add the number at the end of your page showing the parts of a post. Sometimes you write a long post and you want to publish it into separate parts so what you can do is add a page break and it will make parts of your post which are right next to the post. You can navigate between the post parts by selecting the next number at the bottom of the post.

A more block can be used at the home page to take the user to the more information section of your website.

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