How to Add Inspectlet into WordPress

The success of every business lies in the understanding of what customer wants from a business. The customer behavior predicts the customer needs. When a business understands this then comes great success. There are many tools in the market that will tell you the user activity on your website. The most common tool is Site Kit. However, it does not give you detailed activity so a better tool for this purpose is Inspectlet. Let’s see what it is and how to add it to wordpress.


Inspectlet Vs Analytics 

You may be familiar with analytics as it is a free application. You can install a Site Kit on your website then connect it with Analytics. Now you can monitor the activity of the users on your website. You can see no of clicks, impressions, users on your website on daily basis.

It also gives you data about demographics, age, interests of users, the device they are active on, and time they spend on the website. But this is not enough to understand why they come to your website. It tells you what they are doing but Inspectlet tells you why they are showing this behavior.

Session Recording 

It records the video of each user’s activity on your website. The recording includes mouse activity, all of your clicks on the website are highlighted in red color. Your keyboard activity is also being recorded on Inspectlet.

User Behaviour 

When you look into the videos then you understand the behavior of your users. For example, you have an article then you can monitor where is the point when the user stops reading or lose interest or how much an average user spends on reading an article. Then according to this data you can start writing articles within that time range so users will get a better experience from your website.

Better Marketing 

One other use case can be an e-commerce website. You have several products then you can observe the searching pattern of your customers and place the most searched products on the top so they don’t have to go through the process. You can also filter your customers who have an interest in a specific product then you can target them for those particular products only.

Increase Conversion Rate 

As you can see in the videos you can identify the points in your website where users get confused and leave the website. Once you identify them then start working to make things easier for your users and this process will result in an increased convergence rate.

Understand User Mindest 

You can also understand user’s mindest, what most users like or dislike then shape your business according to your users and get benefits. It will also set you apart from the traditional market and you will stand out unique among your competitors.

How to Add Inspectlet into WordPress

The integration process is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Inspectlet website and log in to your account.
  2. You will get a code against your account which you need to paste into your targeted website.
  3. Login to your wordpress website.
  4. Install the Inspectlet plugin and activate it.
  5. Go to the dashboard and find the section of your installed plugin.
  6. Paste the code here in the text area that you copied from the website.
  7. Click the save button.

That’s it, now you can monitor all the user activity on your website.


It has different pricing plans. You can also get the basic plan for free and the most advanced plan will cost you 499 dollars a month. You can check the plan on their pricing page.


You know the importance of the demand of users in a particular business. The use of needs shapes the future of a business. If you know what the user whats and fulfill his requirement then nothing will stop you from getting success in your business. There are many ways to get an understanding of user behavior, needs, and requirements. One of the most famous tools in this regard is Inspectlet. It enables you to record the user activity then you can watch it later and observe the behavior. After that, you change your website and products or another thing according to user needs and get pretty good results.

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