How to Add Magazine Advert Templates in WordPress

Magazine advert templates are specially designed for news websites and magazines. Any kind of business can display their news using the magazine theme in the WordPress website. As you have already know that WordPress has a rich theme library so you can find any theme that you can require for your website. Most news channels have websites that keep their users up to date. It’s important to show the latest content on the website as well as focus to show as much content as possible. So Magazine themes are specialized in such a way to show the maximum content by highlighting the latest and most important news.


Magazine Advert Templates

You can get a lot of Magazine Advert Templates for your website. There are hundreds of magazine themes available both free and paid. These templates are designed to handle a lot of images and even videos. Mostly when you have a normal website you don’t need much hosting space and speed but when going for a magazine website you should consider having a separate hosting with enough hosting space and speed. So that whenever a user visits your website he won’t face any delays in loading the website, images, and videos.

Keep in mind to choose a lightweight template for your website. You can check the speed of a website by using the Page Speed Test website. An ideal speed of the website should be 90 plus to score maximum in search engine ranking.


How to Add Magazine Advert Templates

ThemeForest is a website having a collection of WordPress themes and templates. You can visit that website and choose a theme that you like best for your website. Once you select the template, download it. If it’s free then you can check the demo template and will be able to download it but if it’s paid then you first have to pay then you can have access to the template files.

Make sure to check the template properly before paying and also check the reviews of the template. Do check the last date when it gets the latest update. The theme should be up to date to reduce the risk. Also, check the template compatibility with your WordPress version. The template should be compatible with the latest WordPress version. If you haven’t updated your WordPress then you should do it on a priority basis as an older version of WordPress has chances of compromising the security of the website.

Once you download the template then log in to your WordPress website. Go to the appearance and select theme. Upload your downloaded theme there and activate it.

You can also get a theme by choosing the ”Add”  button in the theme area. It will open up a page of free themes. Search your theme in there and click on install. You can also preview any theme before activating it on your website. Once you activate the theme then configure your theme settings according to the content of your website.



Magazine Advert Templates are perfect for your magazine website. You can install them and configure your online news to attract more users and expand your business. Just make sure to select a fast and lightweight template, it will help you in the SEO of your website. Let us know which Magazine Advert Templates you have installed and what are your thoughts about that particular template.


Frequently Asked Questions (Magazine Advert Templates)

Q: How do you make an advert for a magazine?
Ans: Here’s how do you make an advert for a magazine which impacts the most.

  1. Target a specific audience for the ad.
  2. Ads will be simple & short.
  3. Use specific colors for ads to make attractive ads.
  4. Place proper images.
Q: What should a magazine advert include?
Ans: Magazine Ads should include the following:
  1. Focusing on the specific customers or audience for ads.
  2. Use color where required.
  3. Make the easy process for customers to reach you and order from you.
Q: What makes a magazine ad effective?
Ans: Magazine will be full page and ads rich with colors and have an attractive look.
Q: Does magazine advertising still work?
Ans: Yes, magazine advertising still works.
Q: How do you design an advert?
Ans: Here’s how do you make an advert for a magazine which impacts the most.
  1. Target a specific audience for the ad.
  2. Ads will be simple & short.
  3. Use specific colors for ads to make attractive ads.
  4. Place proper images.
Q: What are the considerations while designing an advertisement layout for a magazine?
Ans: Key points to remember while designing an advertisement layout for a magazine
  • Bold Headline
  • Images of People
  • Design should be easy
  • Clear Message
  • Proper Color Scheme
  • Make the easy process for customers to reach you and order from you
Q: How do I create a print ad?

Ans: Key Points to create a print ad.

  1. Make Sure the Copy is Clear and Concise.
  2. Consider Images Carefully.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid of White Space.
  4. Create a Call to Action.
  5. Use Headlines Effectively.
  6. Simplicity is Key.
  7. Be Unique.
  8. Describe the Benefits.
Q: How do I create a free ad?
Ans: You can create free ads by using different free online ad-makers such as
  • Adobe
  • Visme
  • Canva
  • Biteable
  • Promo
Q: How can I write an attractive advertisement?
Ans: You can create creative ads by following these few points:
  • Make sure to create relevant ads.
  • Describe your uniqueness.
  • Create different groups of ads.
  • Directly address your customers.
  • Add call to action.
  • Be precise and specific.
  • Mention your price.
Q: How do I attract advertisers to my magazine?
Ans: You can attract advertisers to your magazine by following these rules:
  1. Identify potential clients that might be interested in your magazine.
  2. Start to contact them via emails and calls.
  3. Give them attractive and tempting offers.
Q: What principles govern the design of a magazine ad?
Ans: Following are some principles that over the design of magazine ad:
  • Simplicity.
  • Duration of a campaign.
  • Visual consistency.
  • Identification of selling point.
  • Relevant tagline.
Q: What are the strengths of magazine advertising?
Ans: Here are some strengths of the magazine advertising:
  • Benefits of a spin-off brand.
  • Getting attention.
  • Long-lasting memories.
  • Confidence of the reader.
  • More opportunities.
Q: What is magazine ad design?
Ans: The magazine ad design is a visual representation of the advertisements for the brands. Ads are made for different brand campaigns. It is used to send a visual message to the public regarding their products, brand, and services.
Q: How much does a full-page ad cost in a magazine?
Ans: The average full-page ad cost in a national magazine is 250,000 dollars. However, the rate gets revised with each publication.
Q: How much does it cost to put an ad in a magazine?
Ans: It almost costs you 500 to 20,000 dollars to put an ad in a magazine. It can be a local or international magazine so the price is depended on the size of the ad or color usage etc. You can also buy an inside front cover with 500,000 dollars in a magazine.
Q: What are the disadvantages of magazine advertising?
Ans: Here are some of the disadvantages of the magazine advertisement:
  • The reader can get the wrong impression.
  • The ads can be ignored by the reader.
  • It’s difficult to test the ads before publishing.
  • Sometimes it’s expensive to place an ad at a good spot.

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