How to Add Navigation Images in Menu in WordPress

Navigation is the way to move from one page to another on any website. Navigation helps the user to find the desired content. Most of the website has a menu on the top of the website with only text. You can click on the links and it will take you to that particular page. However, if you want to add navigation images instead of simple text in your menu then you can absolutely do this. Let’s see how you can add a menu with navigation images to the WordPress website.

How to Add Navigation Images in Menu

Navigation is a tricky part of each website. Your goal is to keep your navigation menu as simple as possible. Do not try to complicate things and try to provide a clear view to the user so he can navigate easily to your website. Many websites have a menu on the top of the page. Some also have a menu in their footer.

Menu Image Plugin

You can add menu items to your website by going into appearance then selecting the menu tab. Enter your page link and the name of the menu item then save it. This is the simple way to add a menu in WordPress. However to add navigation images we recommend you use a plugin. Install the Menu Image plugin. Activate it and go to the appearance then select the menu pages.

Open the page and you will see all the menu items on your website. Now select the menu that you want to change. Click on a menu item. You can see two options: one for ”Menu image” and the second is ”Image on hover”. Upload your navigation images for each menu item. You can ignore the image on the hover option if you don’t need it.

Menu image plugin comes with customization options. You can select the size of your menu images along with the display positions. The menu images can be displayed at the above, bottom, right, or left to the title of the website or the page. You can change its positions whenever you want. After all the customizations you can save the menu and publish it on your website.

Bonus TIP

Menu in a website has levels. Just say there is a page that is linked to the top-level menu. That page also has a page in it. For example, you run an e-commerce website. The top-level menu has a product category on level 1. When you click on it this will take you to the products page. This is the second level. In products, you can select electronic products or beauty products. Now, this is the third level and this keeps going on and on. The point is you should try to keep everything in at most 4 levels. As you go deeper and deeper; the search engine crawlers would not be able to crawl your page. All your content in levels 5 and 5 plus will simply not be indexed in search engines. People will not be able to see that content. So try to keep 3 to 4 levels on your website for better performance and good SEO results.

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