How to Add Ocean Animated GIF in WordPress

Many WordPress users are facing issues when uploading a GIF on their website. The problem is GIF does not animate instead it feels like a regular normal static image on the website. If you are facing the same issue then don’t worry we are here to help you out. Let’s see how you can add an ocean animated GIF to your website.

Why Animated GIFs

People tend to attract more to the content having media such as images and videos on a website. Many people prefer to consume digital media than read simple plain text. So content writers often add images and videos along with the articles to make it more interesting and appealing to their audience.

Adding image and videos sound interesting but it makes your website heavy and it takes more time to load. That makes it difficult to rank better in the search engine. The more time a page takes to load the lower it will rank in search engines. According to a study, many users only wait 6 sec to load a page and if it takes more than that then the user is most likely to leave the page. It is called bouncing. The more bounce rate a page or website has the worst it is for the reputation. So to give a better user experience it is recommended to have a light and fast loading page.

A page without images and videos is not tempting and a page with a lot of multimedia will ruin the SEO of the website. So a way to have both media and light speed websites is to use fewer images and GIFs instead of videos.

Ocean Animated GIF can replace the need to add videos most of the time unless you really need to add the video other than just for entertainment purposes.

Ocean Animated GIF

You can add ocean animated GIF to your website by the following method:

  • Create a post or a page where you want to insert the GIF.
  • You need to add an image block to add the GIF.
  • Go to the content editor and click on the ”+” button to add the image block.
  • There will be multiple options for you to add the GIF but you can add it simply by clicking the ”Uploading” button.
  • Select the GIF that you want to upload.
  • As soon you upload the GIF it will be automatically added to your post or page.
  • Now you need to adjust the size by going to the right panel of the screen.
  • You need to select the full size of GIF to work it properly otherwise it will show as a static image.
  • Once you select the correct size then you can see the ocean animated GIF in your content editor.
  • Publish your post or page and you can see a perfectly working GIF in your content.

The GIFs can slow down your website so we recommend you to use EmbedPress. It will fetch GIFs from Gfycat and embed them on your website. You just need to enter the URL of the required GIF. This will not slow down your website and also fulfill your purpose.

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