How to Add PayPal Donate Button Image in WordPress

A donate button image is usually used by websites that provide their product or services free of cost to their users. However, they have expenses to run the business or to maintain the website so they add a donate button image to the option to the users to donate as much as they like. It’s a way to get enough money to keep providing the service for free to those who could not afford to spend money to get the benefits of the nonprofit organization or free services.

If you are also giving your services free of cost or running a charity business or you need funds to make revolutionary changes in the world so you can raise money by adding donate button image to your website. It’s a way of getting money from the people who want to donate and help the organizations.

You often met some angel investors who donate to a noble cause to create a better world for others by helping them with the money. Let’s learn how to add a donate button image to your wordpress website.

How to Add PayPal Donate Button Image

There are different ways to add the PayPal donate button on your website. PayPal is a universal method to send money so you can use it on your website. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to get funds from the users who want to help in your business. You need a PayPal account to accept donations on your website.

The easiest and fastest way to add a donate button is using the PayPal Donations plugin. This plugin is totally free but it’s limited in terms of functionality. However, it will do the basic tasks very efficiently.

Install the PayPal donations plugin and activate it. Go to the Dashboard -> Appearance -> PayPal Donations. Then create the donation button on your website. The plugin needs access to your PayPal account so you need to add the PayPal login address in the plugin. Once you entered the email address then select the currency according to your user base or country. If you are operating in the USA then you can select the dollar. If you are a UK-based organization then you can also use the Pound. It totally depends on your requirements.

Thank You Note 

Once the user donates the money to your website then it’s your moral duty to say a ”Thank You” note to your loyal customer. To thank these kind angels you need to create a ”Thank You” page on your website. There are some other optional fields such as how much you want to get as a donation or the purpose of donation or donation references etc. If you want to add any of these then you can fill up the fields else you can skip these options.

You can change the language, image style, donation country in the donate button image. Once you have made all the changes then you can save them by clicking the ”Save Changes” button.

Integration PayPal Button into Website

Now the last step is to add the button that you have created before into your wordpress website. You can add this button anywhere on your website. Select a page or a post where you want to add the donate button image and enter the shortcode ”[paypal-donation]”. It will add the button and you can save the changes. That’s all now you can get donations for your business.

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