How to Add Scrollbar Vector to WordPress Website

A scrollbar is an area on the side of any element or a page in the website that you can use to scroll the page. You can click on the scrollbar and drag it up and down to move the page. It also helps you to see the content quantity. The size of the scrollbar can display the page length so you can have a rough idea about the content on the page. Many users prefer to have a scrollbar vector into the website that helps them to navigate easily on the page. If you are a WordPress user and want to add a scrollbar vector to your website then stick with us till the end of the article.

Scrollbar Vector Plugin

You can add a scrollbar vector to the WordPress website by using plugins. As you know WordPress is an open-source CMS so you will find a lot of plugin options for your every need. Plugins are actually small pieces of code that you can embed into your website to perform a specific functionality or task.

In our case, we need a plugin to add a scrollbar vector to our WordPress website. A scrollbar can be added to the page, or in other elements of the website. The plugin that we will use is Custom Scrollbar.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the plugins area. Select the plugins option and click on the ”Add” button in the plugin section. It will open up a new page having all the plugins available within WordPress. Search the Custom Scrollbar plugin there and install the plugin.

Once you install the plugin then activate it. Now look into the appearance section of WordPress you will see the Scrollbar option there. Now you need to configure the plugin.

You can add multiple scrollbars so you need to assign a name each time you create a scrollbar. It will help you to identify the scrollbar later with the name. The next step is to choose the element where you want to place the scrollbar. Each element in WordPress has an element ID so you need to assign the ID to the newly created scrollbar.

Now the main concern is how to find the element ID in your WordPress code. Well, that simple. Open a page of your website where you want to add the scrollbar. Right-click on the web page and at the bottom you will see the ”Inspect” option. It will open up the code behind that particular page or element.

You can locate the element id in the code and past it into the scrollbar targeted element. Each scrollbar has width and height so assign these values according to your requirements. You can also choose from different colors and styles of the scrollbar.

Once you have made all the changes then save the scrollbar and visit your website to see how it works. If you need more scrollbar vectors then you can use the same above method to add more to your website.


We hope that you are now able to add a scrollbar vector to your WordPress website. If you face any problem then do let us know, our team will provide you assistance. See you in another WordPress article.

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