How to Add Slider Tablet in WordPress using Soliloquy

Sliders are the moving images on the landing page of any website. It creates a moving effect in the still home page. As you know the user is affected by the looks of a website. An impressive presentation of website material can have a positive impact on the visitor. It shows your efforts and hard work to make the website attractive so users take more interest in your business. A Slider Tablet is made up of different images that keep changing over a defined time. Let’s see how you can add a Slider Tablet into your WordPress website using the soliloquy plugin.

What is A Slider Tablet

You may have noticed that when you visit a website then you see some moving images on the landing page of the website. Sometimes they just move after a certain time such as 2 or 3 seconds or you may see a button below them that you can press to move the images forward. These images are actually the essence of the website.

If you visit a university website then you might see the images of the university in the slider. In the case of an e-commerce store, you will see the top products on the website. If you visit a website a business then they might display their portfolio in the slider on the main page of the website.

Why Slider is Important

It makes your website attractive. If you use a still image then it will not have that long-lasting impact on the user as compared to moving images. Moreover, you can display a lot of things about your website in just a few seconds to the user. Which is not possible by using a single image. Slider leaves an effect of a top-quality website on the user.

When a user first time visits the website. He first steps into the home page so it’s a great idea to display the entire theme of the website in the slider which can take 4-5 seconds to show all the relevant content on your website. So users will get a clear idea about your website, business, brand, or service. So it’s considered good practice to add a slider to your website’s home page. You can add them to posts and widgets also.

How to Add Slider Tablet

You can add the slider to your website by using the Soliloquy plugin. A Soliloquy account is required to install this plugin so first go to their website and make an account. Then install the plugin and activate it.

Once you activate the plugin then you will see the section of Soliloquy in your WordPress dashboard. Go there and select the settings tab. It’s a paid plugin so you need to enter the license key into the settings area. You can find the license key in the Soliloquy account. Once you enter the license then save it and it will verify your key.

After license validation, you have the right to add a slider tablet to your WordPress website. Go to Soliloquy and click on the ”Add Slider” button. Enter the title of your new slider. The next step is to add images, videos, or files that you want to show in the slider. After uploading all the required files click on the ”Insert into Slider” button.

You can change the settings of the slider such as color, caption, size of file, theme, and other fields in the configuration tab.

You can also add a mobile targeted slider that is only for mobile devices.

After doing all the settings and previewing the slider, you can finally publish your slider.

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