How to Add Twitter Card Validator in WordPress

The Twitter card is a way to show your content on Twitter in an effective way to grab more audience. It also helps you to take credit for your content whenever someone shares your tweet. Usually, when you post something on Twitter with a clickable link to your website, Twitter displays the content with the feature image of your post. Whenever someone clicks on the post to get access to the full post, he ends up opening the full feature image of the post. It is annoying and many potential users will never be able to reach your website so you lose a wide range of audiences. Make sure to check the link of your Twitter card by using the Twitter card validator.

Why Twitter Card

The Twitter card makes things easy for both the publisher and users. When a Twitter card is used in the tweet, the whole area of the tweet works as a link to the post. You can click on any part in the tweet, including the image, it will take you to the website. There you can read the entire article about the tweet.

You know about the word limit in Twitter thus the only way to convey your message to your potential audience without reaching the Twitter char limit is Twitter cards.

Grab Potential customers 

If you are thinking about what is wrong with the traditional tweet, well if you want to read the article then you have to specifically click on the link in the tweet. The Twitter card is a very effective way to do marketing for your business on Twitter as Twitter has a lot of users that can become your potential customers. The majority of the users do not bother to click on the link, they just randomly click anywhere on the tweet so there are 80% chances are they will miss the URL of the post. So why take any risk of losing your potential audience when you can use the Twitter card.

Tweet’s Credit 

One other useful feature of the Twitter card is that you get the credit each time someone shares your tweet. Your name and website appear with the tweet upon sharing so people will get to know your brand name. It is a very important step especially when you are building a brand.

You can also add the title of your post in your tweet that explains your topic of discussion. Many people want to go through the summary of a post before diving into it luckily Twitter card allows you to add a summary to your tweet. So people can have an idea about the topic and they are more likely to open the link to read the full post. It is the age of digital media so people pay more attention to photos and videos rather than just plain text. So you can add images and videos to your tweets that how you get a higher chance of a conversion and retweets. It is overall a great way to enhance your Twitter activity and audience engagement.

Types of Twitter Card

The Twitter card helps you to create well-structured tweets to appeal to your audience. You can choose the looks of your tweets by selecting different types of Twitter cards. It offers you 5 different types of Twitter cards. You can choose any one of them depending on your needs. Each one is explained below so you get a better understanding while choosing one for your website.

01: Summary Card  

If you only want to show the thumbnail, title, and summary of your post then you can use the summary card. It is suitable for blogs, podcasts, news, and business websites.

The summary in it works as a call to action for users as they are most likely to click on the tweet after reading the summary. It grabs their attention and they won’t let it go without reading the complete post.

02: Summary Card with Large Image

As the name depicts it is a summary card with a picture of screen size so users can have a wider view of the image and attract the views towards your website.

The large image in here works as a scroll stopper which means the user tends to stop the scrolling when he saw a large attractive image of the topic of their interest. So you will get the audience that you may miss because of a missing image or small thumbnail.

03: App Card

App card is used to display mobile applications in your tweet and increase the number of installs. This card shows the name of the application, app icon, description of the application along price and rating. All these things provide an overall idea of the user about the application.

Twitter is a great platform to market your mobile applications as most Twitter users access them using their mobile phones. So it becomes pretty easy to show them the app card and get instant installation for your mobile applications.

Twitter will pull out required data for the app card from your public app on the play store so make sure your application is live. If it’s not available for public installation then Twitter won’t be able to get the required fields for the app card.

04: Player Card

Player cards for video and audio streaming. You can easily share your content through a player card. It allows you to add a description, image, player, video, and audio file.

The most views content in the current era is video and audio. As audience like to watch videos over reading large articles about any topic. Audio is not much popular as video but they have their own place in multimedia. Keeping this fact in mind Twitter may become a great platform to market your videos and audios using the playing card.

Many marketers are using Twitter to gain new users and they are doing really well so just stop using the ordinary tweets for your business and start Twitter cards now. Twitter cards promise a bright future for your business.

05: Lead Generation Card 

You can get leads through lead generation cards by connecting to your potential customers. You can also ask them about your business without any form. All the engagement between you and your customer stays within Twitter, your customer doesn’t need to put their name, Twitter handle while sharing their interest in your business.

Lead generation card includes a call to action, title, image, and a push-submit message.

When you add a Twitter card to your website then the Twitter system gets the URL of your tweet and reaches out to your website to get the card type.

Once it gets the card type then twitter gives your tweet structure according to one of 4 card types. One important point to keep in mind is that sometimes Twitter cards won’t show up as planned so make sure to check the card’s link on the Twitter card validator after setting up the cards.

How to Add Twitter Card

There are many different ways you can add Twitter cards to your website such as:

  1. SEO by Yoast
  2. JM Twitter Cards
  3. Jetpack
  4. All in One SEO
  5. Twitter Card Code

The most popular and easy way among them is by using the All in One SEO plugin. The reason is that many wordpress websites already have an SEO plugin installed so you don’t need to install an extra plugin for the Twitter card. Let’s see how you can add a Twitter card by using the All in One SEO Plugin.

Twitter Card by All in One SEO 

Many websites already have an All in One SEO plugin, but if you don’t have one then install and activate the plugin. The free version of the plugin makes you able to use Twitter cards so, you don’t have to buy its premium version.

Once you activate the plugin go to All in One SEO >> Social Networks. Make sure the Enable Twitter Card option is on and select the Twitter tab.

Now you can change the appearance, select your Twitter card type, add title, images, summary whatever is required for your card. You can upload images and videos for your Twitter card.

Once you have filled all the required fields of your card then on the bottom of the page you can see the preview of your Twitter card. Also after this, there is an option of title and description of your card.

After filling all these card fields, in the end, there is a save button. Hit save and now you can see the Twitter card on your Twitter page.

Once you are done adding the Twitter card to your website now it’s time to check the functionality of the card by using the Twitter card validator.

Twitter Card Validator

Before going to Twitter you need to check the Twitter card validator by moving on the Twitter developer’s website. You will see a Card Validator page on Twitter’s website. To check the validator you need to enter the URL of any of your posts from the website and then click on the ”Preview Card” button. If twitter shows you the preview of your card then your Twitter card is valid.

How Twitter Card Validators Works

When you enter the link of your website in the Twitter card validator then Twitter is re-crawled to your website to get the content of the card that is metadata of your Twitter card.

Your Twitter card may have a title, description, image, audio. video, app name, ratting or stars. Twitter gets all the required data from your website to structure the twitter card on Twitter. Twitter card validator helps to ensure that your Twitter card s working fine.

Sometimes you may have missed some fields while creating the Twitter card so they won’t show up on your Twitter card. To avoid this kind of problem you make sure to check your cards using a Twitter card validator then update the missing fields and then post them on Twitter.

How Twitter Card Updates

The Twitter card updates with every new post on your website. Twitter cards use codes to structure the Twitter cards and the metadata between the code changes with each new post on your website. You don’t have to go deep with the working of code so just understand that the structure of the card remains the same and only metadata about the post gets updated via your website.

How many Twitter Cards can you Show in a Tweet?

Twitter only shows one twitter card per tweet. The reason is that tweet itself works as a URL to your post, app, audio, or video so you cant have 2 links in one type of card for one post.

It links with no media are not much important as the links with the media i,e, images video, etc. However, if your post has more than 1 link then you need to enter only one main link for a Twitter card. The rest of the links can be displayed as URLs in the summary or description of the Twitter card.

It is better to use different cards for different purposes. Let’s say if you are running a business and you have a blog about the business news, also you launch an application for your business so it is advised to use two different cards for this purpose. One for the blogs and articles for your business and the other for your mobile application.


The Twitter card is an effective way to show your content on Twitter. It ensures your ownership of your content, gets your more potential users, and makes your content more appealing to the visitors. You can easily create different types of Twitter cards using the All in One SEO plugin. It’s a great way to market your website, application, or grow your audience for your business. Twitter provides great opportunities for your business so grab them by using the Twitter cards by checking them with a Twitter card validator. We recommend you use the Twitter card to grow your business. Let us know in the comment section which is your favorite Twitter card.

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