How to Add Webpage Icon in WordPress

Webpage icon is the identification of a website. You might notice a small image when you open a website in a new tab. There is a small image on the left side of the tab having text on the right side. These small images work as website icons and you can recognize a website by just looking at the icon of your webpage.

Why a Website Need A Webpage Icon

Brand Recognition 

Every business wants brand awareness and recognition in the world. That’s why they created their brand logo to show their business idea in a graphical representation and they also want to stand out in the competition. In the world of the internet, you can use your brand image as your webpage image and spread awareness about your brand. Whenever someone visits your website they will look at your website icon and it will become a symbol of your brand. People will recognize your business by just looking at the icon.

Identify Websites in Multiple Open Tabs 

Website icons are meant to differentiate different tabs. When you have opened 5 to 10 tabs and you don’t know that inside them so you just look at the icon of the webpage and get the idea at a glance. If each tab looks similar then you need to open each tab to see what’s inside but webpage icons save a lot of your time.

Add Webpage Icon to Mobile Home Screen 

One more usage of these icons is that users can add the website icon to their mobile. For example, you can add the WordPress vision icon to your mobile and whenever you want to open the website, just click on the icon. It makes things easier and your favorite website is now just a click away.

How to Create Webpage Icon

You probably already have a business name and logo so you can simply just use that as your website icon. It should be in the square having at least 512 pixels. You can use Canva to create a logo for your business.

How to Add WebPage Icon to WordPress

The process of adding website icons is very simple. Just go to the wordpress dashboard and move to the admin area. Find the appearance section then go to customize section. Find the ”Site Identity” tab and upload the image that you want to use as your business icon.

There is a size limit of icons so if your uploaded icon is 512*512 then you can simply click on the Save button. If the icon exceeds the size limit then you will see the crop option and you need to crop the icon before saving the image. After cropping you can save your changes.

A website without Website Icon

If a website does not have any website icon then search engine shows its own black and white icon as a replacement.


Business branding is a very crucial part of any business. Webpage icon allows your website to create brand awareness in your audience regarding your business. People can recognize your website by seeing your website’s logo. It creates a better user experience. So we suggest you start using website icons and progress more in the future.

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