How to Add World Wide Web Icon in WordPress

World Wide Web Icon is the logo of a website on the internet. Every brand has a logo same goes for the websites. They are brand itself so people need to remember the website by seeing its logo. Every website on the internet open up when you entered its name in the search bar. You can see the logo on the right side of the opened tab in your browser. Let’s read more about World Wide Web Icon.

World Wide Web Icon

When you open a website on the internet in your browser then you see a new tab. The tab has the name of the website along with the World Wide Web Icon of that particular website. You are probably familiar with the Apple brand and whenever you see its logo on anything it suddenly rings a bell to your head that it belongs to Apple Company. The same is the case in websites, the purpose of the icon is to create brand awareness in the audience about the brand. The mission is to create a separate identity brand of your business by showing its icon in the tab of the search engine.

Better User Experience

One more benefit of showing icons in the tab is that it becomes easy to identify which website is open in which tab by just seeing the logo. You don’t have to open each tab to find your required content. Let’s say you are doing some research work and it required you to open 20 different tabs. Then think how difficult it would become to switch between tabs without knowing which one is which website. So the icons make it a lot easier for users to navigate between tabs in the browser. It improves the user experience.

How to Add World Wide Web Icon

You can add the logo of your brand to the website in some simple steps. Firstly we recommend you to choose your brand logo as Web Icon. The dimensions of the logo must be 512 by 512 pixels as it is a square space to display the logo. Once you get the logo in the appropriate size then you need to login into your wordpress dashboard.

Go to the appearance area. Select the customization option and find the identity tab. Here you can write about the identity of your website including title, description, etc. It is the area where you need to upload the website’s icon.

Sometimes users upload an image of large size so here you can crop the image if it’s coming out of the size range. If the image is good then you can save your uploaded image as the Web Icon. That’s it, so simple. You have successfully added the website icon. Now people can recognize your brand by your icon and you can grow your business by attracting more and more audiences.


World Wide Web Icon is necessary for brand recognition and user awareness. It also helps you to acquire customers for your website. You build a brand entity by using the same image as your brand logo as well as your website logo. So we strongly recommend you add an icon to your wordpress website.

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