How to Quick Edit a Post or Page in WordPress

WordPress is the world’s largest content management system. Many brand owners use this to display their content online for their users. Content writers usually write articles in the WordPress text editor. The editor gives you the option to save your article in the draft and you can also publish it. However, you may need to edit the article so there are two options for you. One is editing and the second is the quick edit option. Let’s read in detail what are these two edit options.

Edit Options in WordPress

Many times you need to edit your writings to improve the quality of the work or to remove some typos and mistakes. One other reason to use the edit option is to update your article. To keep ahead of your competitors you need to provide the latest content to your customers. So WordPress gives you the following two edit options:


Whenever you write a post or page in WordPress it gets saved automatically. You don’t have to save it explicitly. If you leave the WordPress dashboard and your content will be saved in the post or page section. Login again to your account and if you want to edit a page then go to the page section, if you want to edit a post then select All posts. Let’s say you create a new page and you want to change the image on the page. Go to pages and find that particular page you want to edit. You can also filter your required page using different given filtration criteria. Select the page and you will see an edit button at the bottom of the selected page heading. That is the edit button, click on it. This will open the targeted page on your website. Make the necessary changes and don’t forget to save those changes. If you have already published the article then you need to publish it again so the user can see the newly made changes on your page.

The editing process is the same in the post and page. So you can follow the above mention steps to edit the posts in WordPress.

Quick Edit

The quick edit option is useful if you want to make some minor changes in the post or pages. Let’s say you want to change a post that you recently write but you need to edit change its category. So you go to the post section and select all posts in the WordPress dashboard. The next step is to choose the article that you want to quickly edit. You can see the name of each article. Identify the post and right below the post, you will see the quick edit button. Just click on it. It will enable you to change the name, slug, date, permission, category, tags, and status of your post. You can make any of the previously mentioned changes in the post by just clicking on the button. It will not open a separate page. However, it will expand the post area and you can make changes there. Once you are done with editing the post then you press the save button and it will save all the changes. All the process is so simple and easy.

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