How to Sell Woozworld Gift Cards in WordPress

Many people sell gift cards on their websites to increase their cash flow. It helps them to generate more revenue for their website. Woozworld gift cards can be sold on WooCommerce stores, personal websites, and also on social media platforms as a digital product. Let’s see how gift cards help to increase the sales of a business.

Woozworld Gift Cards

Gift cards can be given to your friends and family in the form of credits. You can purchase these digital products and surprise your dear ones with gifts on special occasions. It’s a great way to increase the sales on your website and earn some extra money using Woozworld gift cards. You can not only purchase credit for others but for yourself to use them in the future.

Its also used to boost their cash flow when given some extra discount in case of crisis or when the market is down. People think of it as a chance to get things at a discount and then tend to get more credit than they actually want. This is how the business gets more revenue than expected and it’s a great way to keep going in difficult situations such as pandemics.

Selling Gift Cards on All Websites

You can send gift cards through email, posts, or sell them online on any website. Gift up is a platform that can be used to set up a complete gifting website with an instant payment accepting mechanism. They charged 3.49% each time you sell a card and you can also transfer this fee to your customer if you want to. Gift up has a platform, you can sign up for that and create your gift cards very easily.

Once you create the gift card then you can link them to your website and start selling your gift cards.

Selling Gift Cards via WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a platform to sell all kinds of products online. To sell Woozworld gift cards you need to have an online store. You can install the PW WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin to sell gift cards on your website. Once you install and activate the plugin then move to the dashboard of your store. Select the Products section and click on Add new to add a page for gift cards. You need a title and description for your gift card so add it upon creating the page. After that, you need to add the product type which is PW Gift Card, and gift amount also.

In the end, you need to add the product category and image. Press the save button and publish your gift card in your store.

Users now can purchase the newly created gift card on your website by paying for it. All you need to do is select the number of cards and send it to your loved ones using their email address with a short message.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards allows you to do customizations such as altering the design of gift cards, changing email, checking the card balance, etc.

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