How to Solve: Please Enter A Valid e Mail Address

You often came across specialized email addresses of the website rather than using normal Gmail for their emails. People sometimes get the error ” Please Enter A Valid e Mail Address ” while sending emails to businesses with custom email addresses. Let’s understand the basics of these customized emails addresses.

Why use Business Emails

People tend to remember the business name or brand name so it’s easier for them to send you an email that is similar to your business name. That is how you can reach more people and they can recognize you immediately after seeing your brand name in their emails. It’s a way to create brand awareness in your audience.

You can also run marketing campaigns using the business email and get feedback from your customers by conducting surveys.

It is recommended to use the same email as your business to get more effective results in building your brand. Just say our website is ”WordPress Vision” so we have an email to contact the admin that would be ”[email protected]”. Isn’t it simple and easy to remember for new customers? They can contact you by just recalling your business name and they can email you about your new product, service, or for any query.

Please Enter A Valid e Mail Address

People might enter the wrong email address or most of the time they leave their caps to lock on. It will result in entering the wrong email address. That might be the reason for getting the” Please Enter A Valid e Mail Address ” error on your screen. But before going deep into that let’s first see how you can create a business email address for your brand.

These are some simple steps that you need to follow:

01: Register a Domain Name Similar to Your Brand 

First, you need to find the best domain name for your website. Register that name and make sure to have a good TLD that is top-level domain such as ””. In our case, it is our TLD is .com.

02: Buy Good Hosting 

The second important step is to buy a hosting that can handle the traffic on your website. We recommend using a good hosting company as it will prove beneficial for your future tasks when you have a lot of users on your website.

03: Create Business Email in Hosting 

Once you get your hosting then login to your hosting account and configure your email address. Go to the email section in your hosting and click on the ”Add email” tab. As you know an email needs a username and password so enter these credentials and click on the ”Create Account” button.

That’s it you have successfully created your business email account. Now you need to move to the ”Email Accounts” tab in the hosting to access your emails.

So you have understood the basics of creating a customized business account for your website but sometimes you may enter wrong letters, or characters that are why you see the ” Please Enter A Valid e Mail Address ” error.

Make sure to check your caps lock or give it another try while entering your email address. We hope that it will solve the error.

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