How to Switch from Wix to WordPress using FTP

Many people have built their websites on Wix and now they want to switch with WordPress. This may happen due to the change in their requirements. Wix is a good platform, to begin with as a website developer however if you are looking for more options then you might go for WordPress. You can add plugins to enhance the functionality of your website and do much more stuff on WordPress. Let’s do not waste more time and move towards the switching process from Wix to WordPress using the FTP.


Steps to Switch from Wix to WordPress

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to migrate your website from Wix to WordPress using the FTP :


01: Purchase Domain and Hosting

The very first step that you need to take is to purchase a hosting and a domain name for your website. Once you do that then sign up with WordPress. Make sure to use a strong password. It is not mandatory to purchase WordPress hosting, you can choose any hosting company that suits you best.


02: Install SSL

SSL is required for SEO purposes, so if you already have an SSL for your website then add it in the SSL section. If you want to do it later then you might need to create the other WordPress installation for that so it is recommended for you to add SSL before creating a WordPress instance for your website.


03: Install WordPress

Once you have purchased the hosting the next step is to login into the cPanel of your hosting. Look for the download option of WordPress. On downloading you would be asked to enter the domain name of your website. Fill in the required information and hit enter. Downloading process will take 2-3 minutes depending upon the internet speed. Once it’s done then you will be able to login into your website’s backend also known as WordPress dashboard.


04: Transfer Wix Website to WordPress

You can import the content using the RSS Feed. Following are the steps for transferring content from Wix to WordPress:

  1. Login to the Wix account
  2. Locate your website’s URL and add ”/feed.xml” at the end. It may look like this:
  3. Save the file by right-clicking on the page.
  4. Login to the dashboard of WordPress.
  5. Go to the tool section and select import.
  6. Upload the RSS file that you download in step 2.
  7. You can see the imported content in the post section.

This may not import the images so you have to do that manually.


 05: Import Images to WordPress

You can import the images to your WordPress website by using the plugin ” Save & import Image from URL”. The easiest way to get the URL of an image is to right-click on an image and open it into a new tab.

There is a manual way to add all the images to your WordPress media library from the Wix using the FTP or Cpanel file manager.


06: Permalink Settings

You can set the permalinks in the settings section of the dashboard. Choose the required format for the permalinks and save the setting. It is mandatory so you won’t lose any traffic.


07: Redirection from Wix to WordPress

Redirection is necessary to keep your traffic on your website and maintain the ranking. Make sure to have your own domain for redirection. However, if you are using the Wix subdomain then unfortunately you can not redirect your traffic.

Let’s do the redirection for your website. Open any text editor such as notepad and paste the following code:

var hashesarr = {




for (var hash in hashesarr) {

     var patt = new RegExp(hash);

     if (window.location.hash.match(patt) !== null){

     window.location.href = hashesarr[hash];



The code is for two pages about and contacts us, these two will be redirected from Wix to WordPress. You can see two strings first stand for the Wix URL and the second is for the WordPress URL.

Example URL redirection code: "#!about-us/c1it7":'/about/',

Wix url: about-us/c1it7 

wordpress URL: /about/

You can add more pages in the section.

Once you add all the URLs for your pages than save the file as redirect.js and upload it to the WordPress theme/js folder using the FTP client. If you don’t see any folder named as js then simply create an empty folder and name it to js.

Now navigate to WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance -> Editor. Find the Functions.php file and paste the following code in the file:

function wpb_wixjs () {

        wp_enqueue_script( 'wixredirect', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/redirects.js', array(), '1.0.0', true);


       add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wpb_wixjs');

After you paste the code, save the file. This is it now your traffic will land to the newly set up website.

Note: if you see a 404 error on any of your pages then it might not get redirected so make sure to check all the links.


08: Website Customization

Once you are done with all the technicalities now it’s time to take a look at the appearance of your website. You can choose any theme that suits your website. WordPress offers you many free themes. However, if you don’t want to go with the free theme then you can always upload any theme of your choice and activate it. Themes give you many customization options that you can use to enhance the functionality and looks of your website.


09: Navigation Menu

You can create your navigation menu after you set up the theme. Choose the structure of your website and then map it to the menu. We recommend you not to have only 2-3 levels in your website’s structure as crawlers will not go higher than 4-5 levels so all your pages will not be ranked by search engines.


10: Yoast SEO

You can use the Yoast SEO plugin to enhance the SEO results on your website. Install this plugin and activate it. Now, whenever you write something it will show you the necessary things required for the best SEO results. It will also show you the SEO scores that you can improve to get a higher ranking in search engines and get more traffic.


11: Analytics

You can track a website’s performance by using analytics. This plugin will show the traffic details, impressions, clicks, and other useful stats to track the performance. You can use it to change the strategy and improve the work.



We hope that now you will be able to switch from Wix to WordPress using FTP and get better results. If you feel any difficulty then write it down in the comment section. See you in another amazing WordPress article.


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