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Logos are the marks, identification, or graphical representation of a company. If you are thinking to start a brand you must need a logo for that so people can recognize your brand by its logo. You can create your own logo if you have some experience in graphic designing. But if you are not familiar with it then you can use some online logo makers such as Smashing Logo to do the job for you.


Smashing Logo

It is a popular website where you can create logos for your business. Here are some features of this website.


No Login Required

The best thing about Smashing Logo is you don’t need to provide a login credential to get into the website. Many users don’t want to go into extra stuff so they just simply leave the website. You won’t face this problem while using smashing for your logo creation.



Once you create the logo of your choice then you can have full ownership of that logo for life. The company will not have any part in the rights of the logo. They will also remove their watermark so you can use it without any issue.


Top Quality Work

The logo quality of the Smashing logo is top-notch. They tend to satisfy their customers so well that they have a rating of 4.9 which is insane. So if you decided to use Smashing then you won’t get disappointed.


Worldwide Revolution

The smashing website has been used in 1000+ industries all over the world. Many companies and brands have used this to create their logos. Until now 20 million users have been using this service to get the logo for their business. If you choose this for your own website then it will not be a bad decision at all.


A Wide Range of Themes

It has plenty of themes related to famous industries such as beauty, fitness, real estate, yoga studios, photography, travel agencies, cafes, bakeries agriculture, etc.

You select the industry directly or indirectly related to your website and start creating a logo. You will find a large range of options to choose from for your website.


Social Media Kit

It also comes with a social media kit that has a profile and cover pictures for your website. That means it not only provide you logo but also gives you a cover and profile photo-matching with the theme for your website. It is necessary because if you use the logo from a different theme color or font and your cover photo does not go with the logo theme then it will have an absurd impact on the website look. So cover, profile, and logo related to the same theme will make your website complete and nothing will look odd.

One more good thing about the social media kit is it will save you a lot of time that you will spend on finding appropriate landing page images or cover images for your website. You can use this time to do other important tasks in your business.


Ready to Print Files

Smashing Logo also provides the files that are ready to print such as you can create business cards using the website then download them and you are ready to go. Just go on print your business cards. You don’t need to do extra work or adjustments to make them ready for printing. It also provides t-shirts, letterheads and other personal stuff for you. It’s a pretty amazing website not only for the logo but it offers different other products too.


Web Ready Files

You can also create email signatures for Gmail, web files for your business or blog. Once you create those files then you can directly embed them into your website or email. It makes things quite easy for you.


How Smashing Logo Works

You can create the logo of your choice just in 4 steps using this amazing service. Here are the four steps:


Step 01: Name & Slogan

The first thing you need to do is to think of a unique, short, and punchy name for your business. This should be easy to remember and simple. Enter the name of your business as Logo name.

The second part here is the slogan of your business. It is not mandatory to enter but your tagline is the one thing that makes you apart from your competitors. So you should have a cool and short but attention-grabbing tagline for your business. Enter this tagline while creating your logo.


Step 02: Brand Attributes and Industry Keywords 

The second step requires you to enter some basic brand attributes that explain your business and services. The industry is also required to get a better idea of how the logo should be designed for your business.


Step 03: Logotype, Font, and Color  

You can also select which type of logo you want such as name-based, just an icon, or initials of your brand. There are plenty of color and font options also available that you can choose from. Keep in mind that this step is optional, you can skip it.


Step 04: Select Virtual Designer 

You have the facility to pick a virtual designer for your logo. See the previous work of the designers is select one of them to help you with your logo.



The smashing logo comes with 3 pricing plans.


01: Lite

The price of the lite plan is 59 dollars. It will give you medium resolution files including all colors. You will also get transparent PNGs and web-ready files. The company will provide you 24/7 email support and you will get full ownership of your products.


02: Business 

The cost of a business plan is 79 dollars. It includes all the lite features but you will get high resolution in images with unlimited changes. Social media kits and print-ready files are also available in the business plan. You can also add animation to your logos and get design support if you want to make any changes in your select logo design.


03: Premium 

The premium plan will cost you 99 dollars. You will get all the business features along with Branding guidelines such as the colors or font style of your brand.


Note The prices may change over time so visit the pricing page to get the latest price.



Smashing Logo is a great service that you can use to create your business logo. Many famous brands have used this website to create their logos. It is simple, creative, and easy to use. It offers you a lot of other features other than logo making. We recommend you to give it a try and then let us know what do you think about the logo of your new business.

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