Top 5 Intercom Competitors

Many people are looking for Intercom competitors or alternatives because they don’t want to have free software. Fortunately, there are many software in the market that you can use as an intercom competitor for free or at less price. It’s very useful for small businesses to have software for customer service in less budget, so here are some of the best intercom competitors that you can consider for your business.


Top 5 Intercom Competitors

01: LiveChat

Many business use intercom for providing customer support, but LiveChat do a pretty well job when it comes to handling customers. It the one of the earliest chat software in the market that is compatible with all the system software. It is easy to embed in any website builder. Just say you are using WordPress, then you can install this to your website and take advantage of this amazing software.

It’s a fact that it is the oldest software makes it useable worldwide as it provides 40 languages so you can use it almost everywhere around the globe. It’s easy to install as well as easy to operate. If you want to handle it from the cellphone, fortunately, you can do it. All these fantastic features make LiveChat an excellent intercom competitor.

It will cost you 16 dollars per month. However, we recommend you to have a trial of 30 days to decide if it is suitable for you or not. The trial to totally free.


02: HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch is an excellent option for sales, marketing, and support purposes. If you need any of these services from any software, then you can give HelpCrunch a try. It will provide you with a chat facility, message, intelligent popups, CRM, email automation, and help desk.

You can get this software for 15-49 dollars per month. It also provides 14 days of a free trial. The price that HelpCrunch is offering made it a very reasonable competitor with intercom. However, it will not give you as many tools as the intercom offers, so you have to make a little compromise on this point.

All the features of HelpCrunch are available on a standard subscription. You will also get customer support. The chat widget is specially made for this purpose. You can add answers to common questions in that chat so visitors can find their answers in the chat widget, so you won’t have to do it manually. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Interestingly it offers you a unique and tempting offer that is only available on HelpCrunch You can set intention-based triggers using images, gifs, or forms. These triggers enhance customer engagement with your website. You can get this for 15 dollars, but if you want to use automatic email services, you have to pay 45 dollars per month.

You can also send targeted messages to your customers using the HelpCrunch chat feature. Fortunately, you can automate this process also just a few clicks. The messages are triggered by some specific customer behavior and patterns.

All the above features make HelpCrunch a good intercom competitor. You can give it a try.


03: ProProfs Help Desk

The teams who are extra productive are most likely to prefer ProProfs Help Desk software. It is specially designed for delighted customers. It provides embedded notes that can be used to prioritize tasks, set urgent meetings, communication, and interact with other teammates. Moreover, the daily, weekly, and monthly activities can be analyzed by managers using smart reports.

If you are working in a company with several departments, then the ProProfs Help Desk will help you to collaborate with other departments. It also has different automation mechanisms such as canned responses, chatbots, notifications, automatic surveys, and ticket assignments. All these features make it a great intercom competitor.

You can get customers’ requests, complaints, and leads through the ProProfs Help Desk. 24/7 support can be given by using leverage chatbots. Each team working in different departments can have separate tickets using this software. It also provides NPS and CSAT surveys to improve the customer experience.

You can get ProProfs Help Desk totally free of cost. However, you will not get all its features in the free version. Its essential version starts from 10 dollars, and the premium starts from 15 dollars per month.


04: Drift

Drift does not work on conventional marketing systems. It generates the best leads for your business in real-time using the B2B and B2C channels. All the leads are generated by customer engagements.

Like other software, it also has bots that do the work for you. Bots will not only chat with your customers but also send them to individual sales representatives, and they can also book meetings for them.

Many companies around the globe use Drift for their marketing purposes that making Drift a good intercom competitor. It provides you with email marketing, unique AI technology, with personalized messages.

You can get some of the beautiful features of Drift for free. However, if you want to upgrade your subscription plan, you can get a standard for 50 and a pro subscription for 500 dollars per month.


05: Gist

Unlike the above intercom alternatives, Gist is a relatively small company. Despite this fact, it is a complete package. You can get all the necessary features that you want to market your website in Gist. It provides you with emails, bots for lead qualifications, campaigns, and much more helpful stuff.

If you like to have more customer information, easy chatbot workflow, robust free plan, pre-build, and advance integration along a large budget to spend on a problem, then Gist is the best option for you. You will also get cross-platform campaigns with an event tracking feature.

It’s usually best for a startup or a small company. The starting price for Gist is 29 dollars per month.


Conclusion (For Intercom Competitors)

You have read all the top 5 intercom competitors or alternatives. All have their pro and cons. Now it’s up to you to list your requirements and make a decision. Best of luck with your business, and let us know which is your favorite intercom alternative. If you have any questions, then you can freely ask. We will get back to you.

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