Top 5 RingCentral Competitors and Alternatives

RingCentral is a great tool for all kinds of businesses but if you are not very fond of RingCentral and looking for another application then you are at the right place. We have gathered the best RingCentral Competitors and alternative tools for your website.


Why RingCentral ?

Before moving to the alternative, why don’t you take a look at what RingCentral actually offers to its customers ?

RingCentral is a widely used tool for businesses. Most of the customers use its phone service. It is compatible with every device which makes RingCentral the first choice of many developers. As you know business is all about how well you communicate with your customers. People prefer phone calls over texting so it is one major reason why you should use phone services for your business.

However, there are some exceptions, if you don’t like any of the RingCentral features then we have some of the best alternative tools to RingCentral that you can use on your website.


RingCentral Competitors and Alternatives

These are some of the best RingCentral Competitors and Alternatives tools that you can use for your businesses.

01: Nextiva

You can very easily connect with your customers using the Nextiva phone services. It become very easy to offer your services using phone calls. Furthermore, there is also an application for mobile phone users that can be used to handle calls, forward calls, and many more features.

It also has some automated functions such as auto call attendant, call queue, and a live person to take the calls. If you are low on budget and want all the advanced features then Nextiva is the perfect choice for you. It is one of the best RingCentral competitors that come with a low price. Give it a try.


02: Ooma Office

The Ooma Office is specifically designed for low-budget customers. It offers cloud-based telephonic services to its customers, especially for small businesses. The services offered by Ooma include call transfer, call recording, HD voice quality, call holding feature, and much more. There is nothing that Ooma does not have when compared to RingCentral.
It is also mobile compatible so making calls becomes much easier. You can also switch devices during the call.

The price starts from 19.95$ for 30 days which is quite reasonable. It also has an auto-call attendant for each plan. It does not have a lot of features. If you are looking for a desktop application then sadly it does not have one.

If you have an international business and have to deal with national clients then it is not the application for you. It satisfies your basic needs so if you have a small business then you can try this as a RingCentral alternative.


03: Vonage

It was originated in 2001 with the name Min-X but later changed to Vonage. People all around the world are familiar with this name. It is a cloud-based application that continuously improving the world around its customers.

Vonage provides features the same as RingCentral such as phone calls, video calls, text messages, and much more stuff on the device of your choice. It also has a desktop application so it becomes easy for you to manage your things on your computer. If you are the one who is concerned with your privacy then Vonage has an extra layer of security. It will protect your communication in the company and provides you the facility to share screens.

Vonage comes with a standard plan of 19.99 dollars per month but its premium plan has 29.99 dollars and advance will cost you 39.99 dollars. The recording feature is not for standard users. So, You can choose the plan which suits your needs.

If you are using Vonage then you will get the top quality phone call services for the business. It also has a follow me feature that is used to transfer calls between different devices such as desktop to your phone or from the call center to any other device.


04: 8×8

In Unified communication, 8×8 is as much popular as RingCentral. Unified communication refers to multi-participated and web conferences. It offers multimedia features and you can also switch calls between different devices.

You can have cloud-based UC same as RingCentral. It also has advanced features for big businesses and enterprises.


05: Ringblaze

Ringblaze is a low-budget application for international phone calls in small businesses. It targets small and medium businesses with a huge requirement of call support.

You can have multiple phone numbers in a single-ring blaze application. It helps the support person to use different numbers to provide support to its customers. While RingCentral offers you to have only one number. You can use ring blaze all over the world while RingCentral requires a specific location to sign up.

If you are registered with an international phone number then you can use the ringblaze application immediately. You won’t see any dashboard for team collaboration as ringblaze is made for small businesses and they can handle it without an expensive dashboard. It also does not has a Call us button on the website. That button is used to call the company at any time while the customer is browsing the website.

Call assignment is one of its unique features. Along with this you can record calls, and leave comments. You can also create a call-widget link at any location on the website. There is a signature email or even an option to add your blog. Isn’t it great?

You can easily turn your visitor into your potential customers using this amazing application. It gives a unique way to communicate with your clients and improve the conversion rate.

You can have Ringblaze for 15 dollars per month. It is affordable for small businesses in return for many amazing features. It is easy to set up so newbies won’t find it hard to use. So it’s overall a good application with a reasonable price.


Conclusion (For Ringcentral Competitors)

Phone call services are important for customer support in man business. You have seen a list of top applications that you can use to offer your services to your potential customers and grow your business. You can choose any application as a RingCentral competitor or its alternative. Lets us know if you have any other application that you would prefer as a RingCentral competitor.

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