What is Dashboard Hosting in WordPress

WordPress dashboard hosting is the same as other hosting services in websites. You probably have an idea about the hosting on the website. WordPress provides its own hosting plans. A major portion of websites on the internet is based on WordPress. Let’s see in detail what is dashboard hosting.

What is Dashboard Hosting

It’s like the home of your blog, business website, or e-commerce store where you put all of your website’s stuff. It has a different capacity to store data so it comes with different storage plans. When someone requests a query from the server it fetches the data from the hosting and sends it back to the user. All the fetching processes must be super fast and efficient to give the best user experience so you should keep in mind to get dedicated hosting for your business.

How to Access WordPress Dashboard 

Once you get your hosting you have the login credentials of your WordPress dashboard. Go to the browser and type the name of your website then add a colon and write 2083, hit the enter button. It will take you to the dashboard page of a WordPress website.

Hosting companies give you cPanel where you can add the name of your website, create emails specific to your website, add hosting, install SSL certificates, manage files, and much more stuff.

Make sure not to give access to your cPanel to any unauthorized person as it’s the door to your website. So keep the website safe and secure.

Features of WordPress Dashboard Hosting

01: Performance

The performance of a website has a great impact on the success of your business, blog, and e-commerce store. WordPress dashboard hosting knows the importance of high speed hosting so it provides its customer with the high performing hosting service.

02: Reliability 

The website needs to be live 24/7. If the server is down due to low speed or it cant handle a lot of sudden traffic then there is a chance that your website might get down from time to time. It has a bad impact on the overall ranking of your website so WordPress handles this problem very well. It can control a lot of traffic and its server will not getting down upon getting a lot of sudden users.

03: Customer Support 

WordPress dashboard hosting is used by almost 40% of website holders worldwide. A majority is using this service so they require a lot of customer care staff. Their service is no doubt one of the best in the market. You can email them for any query the WordPress customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

04: Security 

The security of WordPress is top-notch. It’s open-source software so many developers are working to make it secure and keep it up to date. Whenever they find a security loophole in the software, they immediately send an updated security patch to cover that problem. So your business is secure with WordPress.

You can use a WordPress hosting account for your website. We assure you that you won’t regret this discussion.


WordPress dashboard hosting is a service provided by WordPress to its customers. The hosting is reliable, fast, secure, and affordable. You can definitely use this to host your business website.

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