What is me Domain and How Domain Name Works

Many beginners can not differentiate between a domain name and hosting. It’s a very technical understanding for a person who has no computer knowledge. Domain name and hosting are two main things that you need to create a website. There are many types of domain names available with a variety of extensions such as .com, .me, .pk, .us, etc. Now you may ask, ”What is me Domain”? Well, here is an explanation, keep reading.

What is me Domain?

Before jumping into the ”what is me domain” question, let us understand the basic terminology of the website. The website is like a place on the internet where you can find different kinds of stuff. For example, our website ”WordPressVision” is about WordPress. You can find different articles related to WordPress on our website. In the same manner, Amazon is a website where you can buy things.

A website needs a name and hosting. Let’s see them in detail:

Consider the following URL example to better understand the different parts of a website address. Below is the URL of our WordPress vision website.


A standard URL has 4 parts.

  1. Protocol
  2. Sub-Domain
  3. Domain Name
  4. Top-Level Domain

01: Protocol

The protocol is the first part of any URL that is https://wordpressvision.com/. The bold area ”https:/” is called the protocol that is used on the internet to send and receive data over the network.

02: Sub-Domain 

A subdomain is the ”www.” part of any website. If we look at Facebook then the bold area is the subdomain in the  URL is https://www.facebook.com/.

Some websites don’t have a subdomain. If you take a look at the URL of WordPress vision then you don’t see the subdomain there; https://wordpressvision.com/.

It’s important to keep in mind that a website address with www. or without www. is not the same. These are two different URLs.

03: Domain Name

The name of a website is called the domain name. People recognize each website by its domain name. For example, WordPressVision.com, Facebook.com, Amazon.com all are domain names.



A domain name is actually a set of numbers but it’s hard for users to remember the numbers so to make things easier we mask the number with the domain name. So people can remember it easily and can search for their favorite website online by just entering the name into the search bar instead of putting random numbers.

04: Top-Level Domains 

The last part of the URL is called the top-level domain. You can see in the following example:


There are different types of top level domains such as .com .me .in .pk .us .net .org, etc.

What is me Domain?

One of the top-level domains is the .me domain. You can have this domain to create a personal website in your name. Such as if your name is ABC then you can buy a www.abc.com domain to show your online presence in the form of a website.

You can buy the .me domain from this website.

Web Hosting 

The second most important part of a website is hosting. Hosting is like a space where you keep your website’s stuff. Your website has content, images, videos, and other files all the data is placed on a server. The hosting is like a home where you put all the items and the domain name is like the address of your house.


We hope you understand what is me domain and website hosting are along with the different parts of a website URL. If you still have any confusion then you do freely ask in the comment section. See you in another WordPress article.

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