What is Visual Text Editor in WordPress

WordPress users are familiar with the regular text editor in WordPress. It is used to write pages and post in WordPress. The old classic editor of WordPress is known as the text editor. However, as the WordPress software evolves the developers have introduced a visual text editor in WordPress. It makes you enable to see exactly what your post or page will look like when it is published. Let’s read more about the visual text editor in WordPress.

WordPress Visual Text Editor

WordPress has a visual editor to facilitate the writer to write more efficiently and grab the attention of the reader. It has two screens one is a text editor and the other is a visual editor for the content writers. This means one someone is writing in WordPress the writing screen is divided into two editors one is text and the other is visual. Both are used simultaneously to write great content and increase productivity.

WYSIWYG Visual Text Editor 

The visual text editor is a perfect example of a WYSIWYG editor. The full form of the WYSIWG editor is ”What You See Is What You Get”. You are probably not familiar with this concept but you have been using it unknowingly as Microsoft Word is a WYSIWYG editor. The core purpose of this editor is to give the writer an idea of what the content will look like when it is published. So, you don’t have to preview it every time you make any changes. Thus this eventually will save a lot of your time. You can use this time to write more content on your website.  Attract more users and create more business opportunities.


One other amazing addition to the visual text editor of the WordPress is TinyMCE plugin. Many of you have the habits of Microsoft word and toolbars to format your content easily and efficiently to fill this need WordPress has introduced a plugin named TinyMCE. It has the same layout as MS Word with some useful toolbars at the top of the text editor. Actually is an HTML WYSIWYG editor. As you know WordPress is a website content management system so to display your content incorrect format you need to write it in HTML-specific code. Many writers don’t know how to use HTML so TinyMCE solves this problem by providing an HTML WYSIWYG editor. The content of your post or page will be changed to the corresponding HTML code when you click on the tool buttons of the TinyMCE.

You can also add images and videos to your post. Adding images can disrupt the page layout so visual editors help you to align the images, videos, and other kinds of files with your content. You can easily adjust the format of your post by using the WYSIWYG editors.

As mentioned above WordPress post screen has two modes you can switch between them using the toggle button. Also, the toolbar allows you to modify heading size, bold, add quotations to the content, and much more stuff. You can do to make your content look more appealing to the audience.

We hope that you understand what is a visual text editor and you can use it to increase work efficiency and use it to unlock your full potential.

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