Who is Website Administrator in WordPress

A website administrator is a role of a person who handles all the responsibilities of the website. He has the top authority in wordpress.

When we purchase the hosting and install the wordpress in it to start our website. Then we usually enter the username and password during the installation. The person who enters these becomes the administrator of wordpress. He has all the right to do anything inside the website.

Website Administrator

In wordpress, there are different roles for each user. One of the top authorized people is the administrator of the website. He has the capacity to add or remove all other roles. Other roles can be of a writer, subscriber, editor, author, contributor, etc.

Different User Roles 

You can find 6 different user roles in wordpress. Each role has its own restrictions and permissions. Following are these roles:

  1. Super Admins: If a hosting has more than one wordpress installed then super admin can access multi-site and he also has the capabilities of a single site administrator.
  2. Admins: Admin can only have access to single-site administrator features.
  3. Editors: All the posts are managed by the editors. They can also publish the posts.
  4. Authors: Authors don’t have access to other people’s posts. They can only access their own posts.
  5. Contributors: They can just edit and create posts but don’t have permission to publish content on the website.
  6. Subscribers: They can only manage profiles of their own in wordpress.

The main purpose of assigning different roles is to maintain control of the website. Roles defined the area that a person can access as per his role. Let’s say if a person is logging in as a writer then he can access the content-related area of the website. He does not have permission to change the sensitive information or he can even access this information. So roles keep things secure from unwanted access and provide private security to the overall website.

An administrator can add another administrator. However, before giving full authority of the website to another person you need to make sure he is trustworthy. If he has the wrong intent then he can remove all other roles and delete your content. He even can have full control of your website so just think twice before you give access to your content to another person’s hands.

Website Administrator Abilities 

The administrator has a lot of capabilities, he can update the wordpress version, update the blog, edit, delete or change the content, install themes, update and activate the plugins, customize the website. He can link the website with analytics to analyze the website’s performance.

Super Admin Role 

Mostly you will see only one administrator on a website. However, you can install multiple WordPress in one hosting so in that case each wordpress has a separate administrator. In the case of multisite, the super admin role has some important abilities. He can add new users, install, edit and modify themes, install and activate plugins, and handle the network activity of all the websites. On the other hand, a website administrator can only manage his own website.

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